February 28, 2013

Switch for Laptop Wireless Adapter

Wireless Toggle Laptop
The call volume for today is more about wireless connectivity and my tools or cheat sheet for wireless toggle switch is missing. User experience basic issue like wireless on/off button is off on the modem or the toggle switch is off on the laptop. Callers are not aware that some of the modems and laptops has a switch for wireless connectivity. To troubleshoot the wireless connectivity on the modem make sure to check  the wireless light most of the modem has a label WLAN, Wireless or a signal icon. The laptop depends on the brand has

February 27, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial Opera Browser Icon

Opera Mini Logo Corel Draw
I recently installed Opera Browser on my computer and I am impressed with its features. Easy to navigate and works well with flash player for the video or YouTube. I also have an Opera Mini Browser on my phone and using it for FBT – Free Browsing Technique or UBT- Unlimited Browsing Technique. FBT and UBT worked on Globe network. I created my own version using Corel Draw tutorial. A very simple letter “O” logo color red and shedding light to give highlight to the logo. Here’s How
Create a New Corel Draw Document:

February 26, 2013

Setting Up Wordpress on 000webhost.

Wordpress and 000webhost
My friend send me an invite for an online job. The task is to Support a Wordpress platform website I have some basic idea and I know how to set up a Wordpress site. I got a domain from namecheap and a free hosting from 000webhost.com. The client  is asking for a sample site that I manage but the website that I have is dead since I focus more on blogspot. Interested with the job I set up my website again. The site was cancelled due to inactivity but in just an hour I was able to set up and install a WordPress.

February 25, 2013

Cherry Mobile Omega Big Enough to Satisfy Your Need

Cherry Mobile Omega
Cherry Mobile brings you Flare, Thunder and now Omega. What’s with Cherry Mobile Omega and how can it compete with Cherry Mobile Flare and Thunder. Let’s see the breakdown Flare is “dual core ng Bayan” the most cheapest Android Phone in the market as the phone was released last year most of the Cherry Mobile stores are out of stock. It is also known as Pinoy iPhone with its design and usability. Cherry Mobile Thunder is joining the race and many mobile phone enthusiast picks Thunder

February 24, 2013

Importing Contacts on Windows Live Mail 2009

Windows Live Mail Import Contact
The last post was about Exporting Contacts on Windows Mailand today I will show you how to Import the exported file. Import means getting the contact on a specific location to save it on the Windows Live Mail application. I decided to post on how to import and export files since the my caller the other day having an issue doing it. Here’s how to Import the file, .CSV is the file that was saved in specific folders and just like export its also a step by step wizard instruction. Check the screenshot below on How to Import Contacts on Windows

February 23, 2013

Exporting Contacts on Windows Live Mail 2009

Windows Mail Export
Today I got a caller who wants to Export his contact to the newly set up Windows Live Mail. He got a new email account and Internet service but his existing email was already set up to and he said that will take some time for him to copy and put all the contact to his newly set up email. The caller doesn't know how to use the import and export file on Windows Live Mail. Here’s how. Click on contacts on Windows Live Mail.
The import and export will not show press on the alt key for the file option.

February 22, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial: Microsoft Office Word Document Icon

MS WORD Corel DRAW Tutorial
I’m using this application almost every day from creating a blog post, editing my resume and office works. A powerful Windows Office Application for creating a document and today I will create my icon own version of Microsoft Document using Corel Draw Tutorial. Here’s how: Create a new Corel Document and add two Rectangle object as shown on the image below.

February 21, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial Windows Media Player Icon

My blog is about icons/logo and Corel Draw Tutorial. Today while listening to my mp3 on my music folder I decided to create a Windows Music Player Icon. It is an old Icon since my Operating system is Windows7 Starter it mainly supports most audio file like mp3 and wma file. If I have an issue with video or sound file adding or installing a codec is necessary to be able to play it on Media player. The Icon or logo is very simple here’s how: Create a new Corel Draw Document.

February 20, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial Creating iTunes Icon

My Itunes Logo on Corel Draw Tutorial
I update my iTunes software recently since it keeps on prompting me for a new update. I hardly use the software since I’m playing most of my music on Windows Media Player. ITunes is a well known application for Apple product user. You can only sync, backup and restore files using iTunes and today I’m going to create iTunes Icon using Corel Draw Tutorial. Here’s how: Create a New Corel Document. Add an Ellipse tool F7 for the shortcut shown in the figure below.

February 19, 2013

Facebook Celebrity Smiley

Facebook Smiley Obama Bieber Gaga
My imagination is running and thinking what if Facebook allows Celebrity Smiley? I recently post some smiley icons on Facebook that looks like spammy and now I created a smiley icons about celebrity. Celebrity stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner or even United States President Barrack Obama. It might offend other people but were just having fun since Facebook is free and all the images here are edited and created by me let just give it a try.

February 18, 2013

Cherry Mobile Thunder will Flare You Away

Cherry Mobile Thunder

After my eight hour shift I check a local gadget store and found out New Phone from Cherry Mobile. The Cherry Mobile Thunder the phone might be the next Pinoy mobile phone after Cherry Mobile Flare. It has a 4.5- inch capacitive touch screen. Running on Android 4.0 operating system free and tons of application on The Google Play Store. If you love to take pictures 5MP rear and VGA front could satisfy your need. Having two SIM card or network is not a problem at the phone support dual SIM
capability, Getting connected online is available

February 17, 2013

CCBoot Ideal for Computer Shop Business

CCboot set up
I have a friend who start a business a Computer Shop. A computer shop can be rented to surf, play games, print and chat. 15php/hour is his rate and he also accept printing and graphics design. I help him set up some of   the computers. A complete package has a server and 10 client computers that have physical hard drives each. It’s difficult to maintain each computer since you might get a virus and system crash and replacing the HDD is the only option. I introduce him a tool that I found CCBoot you don’t need a physical hard drive on each clients since it will use the server HDD. The idea and the

February 16, 2013

Cherry Mobile Pick Your Phone

Cherry Mobile Price List
Christmas is over and last week I was at the mall and saw Cherry Mobile Affordable phones. People are looking for a cherry mobile flare since it’s the cheapest Android phone in the market PHP 3,999.00. They also have colorful, slim and sleek design phone for a very reasonable price. Like the other mobile phone store in the Philippines its always been targeted by Gadget lovers and enthusiast. I personally classify this brand as affordable and next thing to well known brands like Samsung, Apple and Nokia and other Smartphone. If you’re looking for

February 15, 2013

iMac and Netcomm Modem Won’t Connect

Netcomm iMac
Yesterday I got a very interesting call about  brand new iMac trying to connect to a Netcomm NBplus4wn Modem. The caller said that she already called Netcomm the modem manufacturer about the issue. She said that Mac support referred her to Internet Service Provider for modem settings. Here’s the scenario iPad , Windows and Mobile wifi can connect to the modem without any issue. No error message according to the customer  they spent almost half an hour trying to figure out how to

February 14, 2013

Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2013

Google Doodle Feb 2013
Happy Heart’s Day February 14, 2013. I don’t have a date right now to bad and just  spending my time on the internet but Google is celebrating Valentine’s  with its doodle. I still don’t have plans today on how to celebrate it but It’s funny how the biggest search engine celebrate it. If you  log in to the site you’ll never notice the Google word on the search instead a colourful and wonderful animation about the celebraton today. G  - is like a rollercoaster OO – is 2 Ferris wheel g – rollercoaster that forms a letter “g” and le – a famous carnival

February 13, 2013

Classic Cool Pad - CDR King

CDR King Cool Pad
Laptop and Notebook computers tend to generate heat if you’re using it for a long period of time. Playing computer games or by just surfing Facebook for an hour can make the device warm. Although laptop and notebook are designed to take the heat and has a heat sink it best to work in a cool environment to prevent your notebook and laptop to heat up. Air conditioned room is the best place for computer the cool room can lessen the heat. Certain heat sink or coolers are available for personal computer. Cooler fan can be added to modify the computer and prevent from heating up. The Computer Case can have multiple

February 12, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial: Creating Macromedia Dreamweaver Icon

Dreamweaver Icon Tutorial Corel
I’m using a Dreamweaver application for creating a website It’s an old application Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2006 Version 6. After graduating from college of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and try to practice programming and developing website. It’s not the latest Dreamweaver application but I can create a simple website and earn from it as a freelance. The logo is very attractive a color green and blue Icon. Here’s how I create the Dreamweaver Logo.

February 11, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial: Bluetooth Icon Logo

Corel Draw Tutorial Bluetooth Icon
Since the start of the blog I’ve been creating a Logo in Corel Draw and label it Corel Draw Tutorial. Now I have another Icon a Bluetooth Logo that is a very common connecting devices for Mobile phones and other communication means I have a mobile phone before a Symbian OS which is dead right now and this is the a basic known connection if you want to transfer a file. Latest music or MP3 can be transferred in an instant. Pictures can be shared and the most common issue before are scandals that can spread like a wild fire. Bluetooth connection can

February 10, 2013

Facebook Smileys and Emoticons

Facebook Smiley Icons
When I am browsing my Facebook page and checking my feeds spam and emoticon comments are everywhere. People who are searching or copying some emoticons to test the comments and wants to show the icons like :poop: and other cartoon character
I posted a tutorial on How To Show your Facebook Profilepicture to chat. And right now I am trying to filter my feeds and fan page to make sure that no spammy comments like : poop: and Facebook

February 9, 2013

Google Doodle Snake Game February 9, 2013

Google Doodle Snake
Every visit to Google is fun and today the Google Doodle is about Snake since Its Chinese New Year and Year of the Snake. The doodle right now is a simple game it’s a very popular Symbian Game before I remember when I first got a Nokia Mobile phone the game on the phone is a classic game that you just need up, down, left and right arrow keys. The goal of the game is to eat as many power up to make the Snake long. The game score is based on how long the snake . The Nokia Classic game has different level the popular one is no border which

February 8, 2013

Counter Strike Portable Troubleshooting

Counter Strike Portable TS
Since playing the game CS portable on Google Chrome I haven't encountered a major issue with it. My connection is 3Mbps from Globe Telecom and the game runs on Google Chrome browser and needs a Unity web browser for playing the game.  The only problem for CS portable is my notebook that I’m using. Check the specifications.
System Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Operating System: Windows 7 Starter 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Model: 1005HA

February 7, 2013

Send Some Message Via Wireless Router

Wireless Router Message
The scenario is I am on my room and neighbor beside you are making a loud noise. Playing a loud funky music on his/her computer and sometimes shouting and screaming to the beat. You know that you can knock on their door to complain and tell them to shut up because somebody is catching asleep. But you might start a fight and not a very good relationship with your neighbor. I need to think a plan where I can send them a message without knowing that I’m the one who sends it. Fist option is SMS but I don’t even know their name and number

Google Chrome OZ - Find Your Way To OZ

Google Chrome OZ
Its an application from a Google Chrome an interactive journey and consider as Chrome Experiment. I saw the link at the bottom of my Google Homepage I got curious and watch the Miniclip. The clip duration is 2:07 minutes and here are some features. Using your webcam you can create and insert yourself to circus pictures and more.

Called Circus Photo Booth. The next feature is the Music Box by composing your own tune using the mouse cursor. The picture in motion is like other

February 5, 2013

Facebook Security: Know Your Active Session

Security Settings on Facebook
Playing around with Facebook this morning I saw a setting on how to know your active sessions. Under Security Settings > Active Session. So what’s this for? Is this a feature to know if someone logs in to your account without knowing it?. A security feature that protects your Facebook account but you should know how to use look on it and here’s how. Every Internet connection requires an I.P address and if you know how to look for and I.P address you should be able to check if there is someone logging in to your account. Checking your I.P address is simple

February 4, 2013

Cherry Mobile Phones Affordable for Filipinos

Affordable Phones Cherry Mobile
I was walking alone yesterday at the mall and I saw people falling in line looks like a bee buzzing around on a flower. I got curious and noticed that the store that has been swarming around with people is the Cherry Mobile Phone. I try to sneak and saw salesman and the sales lady flashing the gadgets. I check the flare cherry mobile before Christmas and it was out of stock. It’s 2013 and 2nd month of the year and I’m still searching for the flare. Mobile phones are very affordable I check the cherry mobile price list and here are some affordable phones

February 3, 2013

PlayStation 4 What’s New

Playstation 4
I’m not into game console but PlayStation is part of my childhood being able to play Classic Games. I remember when I got the chance to play and experience PlayStation together with my best buddy we try a simple game called Dragon Ball since it’s one of the best anime series back then. The controls are very simple no special keys required to launch a special power of the character. Combinations and challenges are awesome. We enjoy the day playing our favorite game in PlayStation. New technology evolved on game console and PlayStation become

February 2, 2013

Google Chromebook in the Philippines

Google Chrome Book
Last year I was waiting for Chromebook to be released in the Philippines. It’s very affordable and the device has it all If you are into basic gadgets like browsing Facebook, playing application and doing typing jobs Google Chromebook is for you. The Chromebook is made by Samsung and I checked the price last year only $250 dollars or around 10K+ pesos. Here are the specifications and details why I like Chrome Book. I’m not into high end laptops and I don’t play massive games that require an expensive video card. The Chromebook has  11.6

February 1, 2013

Quick Note for Google Chrome

Quick Note for Chrome
I’m a busy person I have my day job and working various part time job Online. I track my schedule before using the Microsoft Excel creating a calendar like spread sheet to see my daily task . This morning while browsing the Google Store I check the application called Quick Note – A post it note for Google Chrome the design is like your regular post it note for Apple and you can save or connect online at Diijo.com. The Quick post it note is very easy to use click on the post it sign to add the notes and on the header you can modify to add a title. Right hand corner will show the previous notes and using. If you want to delete a note