February 15, 2013

iMac and Netcomm Modem Won’t Connect

Netcomm iMac
Yesterday I got a very interesting call about  brand new iMac trying to connect to a Netcomm NBplus4wn Modem. The caller said that she already called Netcomm the modem manufacturer about the issue. She said that Mac support referred her to Internet Service Provider for modem settings. Here’s the scenario iPad , Windows and Mobile wifi can connect to the modem without any issue. No error message according to the customer  they spent almost half an hour trying to figure out how to

connect her new iMac to his Netcomm ModemI told the caller that the Internet is proven to work and it could be an issue with the Modem. Netcomm modem is supplied by the service provider but it’s already out of warranty and I can only provide basic support. The customer mention that iMac support told her that it’s just a security option that need to be changed. It’s on WEP and they told her that it need to be WPA.  Okay I told the customer that I can do that. The modem is 3 years old and in good working condition logging in to Modem or default gateway and check the wireless setting and change it to WPA. It works like a charm and caller are very happy. The resolution for iMac won't connect to the modem is to change it to WPA. If you're having the same issue and wants to know or change the security option here are the Common Modem Default Gateway

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