March 30, 2013

Globe Tattoo Prepaid Speedtest in Ayala Ave. Makati City

Globe Tattoo Speedtest result Ayala
I’m a globe tattoo prepaid user and I’m doing various speed test result comparison. I got my prepaid tattoo way back 2009 and been using this stick at home for easy internet access. I got some tips, tricks and free internet before but right now I’m planning to get a prepaid plan. I want to compare how fast and reliable Globe Tattoo Internet on prepaid . I’m at Ayala Avenue Makati right night now and no WiFi network available. Most of them are secured and I’m getting a poor signal.

March 29, 2013

Shining Shadow Effect on Corel Draw

Corel Draw Shadow Effect Text
One of the most effective trick on Corel Draw is shining text shadow effect. The effect s and steps are very simple and using the trick you can create various names and put it on to your design. I learned to create the trick when exploring Corel Draw and drop shadow tool. I’m using a black background to emphasize on the shadow. Here’s how to create a Corel Draw text  shadow effect.

Create a new corel document. Set the background color to black.

March 28, 2013

Creating a Simple Mobile Phone Icon

Phone Icon Tutorial Corel Draw
I’m planning to put a menu icon on my website and today I’m starting to create Icon on each label. I’m going to start with the Mobile phone label. The Mobile phone label consists of technology news, latest phones, Smartphones and events on the hottest gadget in the market. The icon is a Smartphone and a very simple yet attractive design can make the Icon label appealing. Here’s how: Create a Corel Draw document using the main Icon font on the website create an object “Mobile Phone.” Please see image below. The font is Digital Tech

March 27, 2013

Cherry Mobile Burst - Bursting with IPS feature

Cherry Mobile Burst
The Cherry Mobile craze is getting started and recently they got a new phone and call it Cherry Mobile Burst. What’s new with Burst?. Is the phone exploding with exciting features and application or just like regular Android phone and Cherry Mobile release. The specification includes IPS capacitive that Thunder features don’t have. Just like other Cherry Mobile collection it has Dual sim, Android Dual Core CPU and Wifi connectivity. The phone looks promising with IPS capacitive it looks like every release new features are added and the company is competing with giants like Samsung and Apple. But what is IPS

March 26, 2013

HRESULT: 0x80010002 (RPC_E_CALL_CANCELED) -Windows Error

 Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002 error
I got an error message on my friends laptop running on Windows 7 Call was cancelled by the message filter. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002 (RPC_E_CALL_CANCELED)). He told me that he was just working on some projects yesterday he shutdown the computer and after booting up this morning it won’t load to windows. The message is pertaining to a function that was cancelled as much as I want to investigate what happens on the  computer but my friend told me that he has no idea. It could be a software or a hardware problem a

memory or HDD. I was not able to perform troubleshooting steps since he told me that his busy right now but I’m still curious about the message. I will update my blog on how to resolved Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002 error on Windows 7. I will get as much details on what happen version of the operating system, and running program on the computer. This is another windows operating system error message. Update: Computer is fine and loaded to windows and one reader from the blog suggested to visit Microsoft website Click Here: You can try the steps and suggestion from Microsoft. On my case
reformatting the computer did resolve the issue. You can try to if you have a bootable windows OS. :) thanks to suntoro for the link

March 25, 2013

Setting Up IPTV on Mac OSx TPG ADSL

iptv on Mac
Configuring IPTV on Mac Osx is a complicated task you need to follow certain procedure or you might encounter a message “The TPG IPTV software was not found....” The basic modem configuration and software requirements are needed to complete the setup.
It was my second call when a customer wants to set up his IPTV. He got a new Netcomm NB604n compatible modem and setting are listed below.
Create a new connection in the modem user interface

March 24, 2013

Creating a Shiny Orb on Corel Draw Tutorial

Shiny Orb Effect on Corel Draw
A shiny orb is an effective design to incorporate on your website or any graphics file. The shinning effect can be made as a button on a web page to give an attractive link and very professional look. I learned creating the shiny orb on Corel Draw when I first installed the application on my computer. It was a tutorial on YouTube and a step by step process on creating the shiny orb. I also use the orb design as my avatar on various forum sites and website. Here’s how to create a shiny orb on Corel Draw.

March 23, 2013

Top 5 Google+ Communities members

Top 5 Google Communities
Google plus recently introduces new features it is called Google+ Communities. A community is  usually referred to a settlement larger than a small village that shares common values. (from Wikipedia). The main goal of the new feature is to share, create and learn from other people. As soon as I notice the new features on my profile I did check the community members.

 Here’s the top 5 Google Communities member.

Linux – community all about Linux it is moderated and has certain restriction

March 22, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial - Naruto’s Emblem

Naruto Emblem Corel Tutorial
I posted before a Sasuske Uchiha Clan emblem now I’m going to show you how to create simple Naruto Uzumaki Clan’s emblem. The emblem is visible on Naruto’s back a red spiral color that represent a whirpool or a vortex. We know that Naruto’s power came from the nine tails or the demon fox but he came from a very powerful clan and the son of The fourth Hokage of Konoha.

The emblem is very simple  and powerful, and having this emblem on Narutos back signifies the Uzumaki clan. The tutorial will show you the basic shape color and tool on Corel Draw. Here’s how to

March 21, 2013

Buffalo Modem Default Username and Password

Buffalo Modem Log In Username
I have a caller who is using a Buffalo Modem and since this is the first time I got this brand I don't have idea for the username and password. Most modem manufacturers include the default username and password on the modem it could be a label sticker, box or set up disc. The caller is using the Buffalo modem for ages and since it’s the second time that he call he don't know the default username and password. Trying the familiar password combination like admin , admin, admin password admin blank would not get access to the

March 20, 2013

Microsoft Word: WINWORD.EXE –Application error

Winword.exe 0x05cs20b40
The instruction at 0x5cs20b40 referenced memory at 0x07c29460. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program. Working on some documents this morning  I got an error when I save my files and Microsoft documents. A very long error message that you might think that the Microsoft word will not open again. It all started while working on some documents then suddenly the application will not respond and the very popular message – Not Responding follows then the application will reboot and you start to work

March 19, 2013

Windows not connecting to Netcomm NB604n

Windows and Netcomm issue
It is a common call driver that Windows computer or any other device would not connect to a modem or Netcomm modem. The first thing that you need to check is the wifi signal if it  is ON. Most modem have a status light to determine if the ppp, wifi and power are activated. It will show a blinking or flashing light it may label differently and some modem manufacture use image or icon.  
Today I got a call from a user who cannot connect his windows 7 and 8 on the modem but apple and android devices are connected. Here’s the scenario  Ipad, Mac and iphone can detect the wireless modem but windows 7 and 8

March 18, 2013

Removing shortcut virus on Windows

USB Virus removal
I copy some program on my friends laptop when I noticed something on the USB drive. It’s a weird shortcut that nothing happens when you click on it. The first thing that came out of my mind is a virus not that harmful but it’s very annoying to have that shortcut file on your USB drive. I told him that the computer has a virus but he said he got security software installed and no threat found the last time he scan. 

March 17, 2013

Emoticons are Dead Give Way to Stickers with Path 3.0

My cousin introduce me to an app on his iPhone called Path 3.0 “Bringing People Closer Together.” It’s a private messaging and social network application. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Ipad mini this app is the latest when it comes to chat getting a 4.5 star above average rating. Just like any other chat application, private conversation Path 3.0 can give details of your location a map will show on the chat your current location. Import your photos, statuses, and check-ins from Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare. The

March 16, 2013

Creating BlackBerry Logo on Corel Draw Tutorial

BlackBerry Logo Corel Tutorial
I’m looking for some unique and cool logo when I came across with BlackBerry. A handheld device and running in BlackBerry OS. The logo is very simple four black B in a black background brings life to the letter “BB”. BlackBerry is one of the four major brands when it comes to smartphones. (iPhone,Android and Windows Phone). Features like qwerty  and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the trademark of this phone. The Corel Draw tutorial will guide you on how to create the BlackBerry logo.

March 15, 2013

Cherry Mobile Flare Dead after Battery Low

Cherry Mobile Flare Dead Battery
It’s an issue for Cherry Mobile Flare that after the system show battery low (low bat) possibly drain battery and when you charge it won’t turn on. I’m a member of a popular forum for Cherry Mobile and common problem that they encounter is that CM battery dead issue. The issue started after battery low and charging the phone  won’t respond or turn on. Troubleshooting steps are posted online and others say that flashing the flare would resolve the issue. Here are the symptoms of the flare battery dead issue.

March 14, 2013

Error 38 on CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5

Corel Draw error 38
Just like a regular day opening my computer and creating some Corel Draw design when suddenly a message shows up. Try restarting your computer and then restarting the program. If these actions do not resolve the problem, please uninstall and reinstall the program. (Error 38) . It’s more of a troubleshooting error message since it’s a suggestion. I did the restart and it takes time for my computer to shutdown and load to the desktop. I wait for about 5min just to make sure that my computer is ready

March 13, 2013

Flash Player and Real Player Crash Issue

I turn my computer on and wait for the system to load. A pop up window shows up want me to update the Adobe Flash player. I run the update and it show information like flash player is used by millions and top Facebook games. Well, that's true this piece of software is needed to play games, watch video, stream content and interact online. The latest update that I got is Flash player 11.6 and recently I'm having issue with my browser crashing or not responding. Every time I close or open a tab I need to wait before the browser

March 12, 2013

Proxy Settings for Android Phone (Samsung)

I got a very unusual call today about a certain website unable to display the page. The caller is using Windows7 and NetGear DGN 2200v3 modem. He is trying to access a specific site and unable to get into it. He said he already tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer but still unable to get the page.
 I validate the website and I was able to access  on my computer. I told him that it could be the modem or his computer. He said that he got a different computer having the same issue as well. I tried to

March 11, 2013

YouTube One Channel YouTube Social Network Site

YouTube One Channel
After creating my own YouTube Logo on Corel YouTube announced a new feature YouTube One Channel. A new look and feature for user a lot of options and it will make your channel different but it's going to look consistent to different device like mobile, television , computers and tablet. The YouTube one channel is like a Google plus. An autoplay video is on your page and a new layout that you can change and channel art on top of the page. The playlist control added features and it will show you how your channel would look on mobile TV

March 10, 2013

How to Format Cherry Mobile Flare Hard Reset

Cherry Mobile Flare format
One of the most affordable android smart phone on the market. Cherry Mobile Flare was released last year and I was amazed how “Pinoy” patronize the dual core Smartphone. Well aside from its specification and Dual Core function the phone is very affordable and runs on Android. I haven’t encountered major issues on Cherry Mobile Flare it’s just I’m curious on how to reformat the Flare. Good thing I have a friend who is working

March 9, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial YouTube Logo

CorelDraw YouTube Tutorial
YouTube is the most popular video sharing site on the Internet it is also owned by the Internet search engine giant Google. Today while watching some clips and video over the internet I decided to create a YouTube Logo on CorelDraw my own version. The website was founded February 14 2005 and after a year it was owned by Google. The birth of YouTube give ways to people around the globe to create a channel or a show, some make it big on YouTube that it become a hit or instant celebrity. Today I will show you how to create a

March 8, 2013

Nobody Uses Facebook or It is Changing

Facebook Feeds Change

This morning while watching a news, reports say that Facebook will change it news feeds. Okay, we don’t have the power or control over Facebook just like when they implement timeline. Some user complains and search for a fix or a trick to get back to previous Facebook layout but nothing happens you're still a Facebook user and read feeds. It’s a trend on Facebook that any changes made by them you should accept it. Facebook is a free community no monthly registration and  they don’t get even a cent on you logging in to their site. They just need your network of traffic because a single like or share

March 7, 2013

Cherry Mobile Titan TV – Android with Television

Cherry Mobile Titan TV
Cherry Mobile started the mobile phones with Television cheap and very affordable. The list of Cherry phones continues to grow as Android OS is getting better and today while looking for a Television phone on SM Megamall I came across with Cherry Mobile Titan. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . Wifi features as always Dual Sim to select the best mobile networks that fit you. Mobile Entertainment Equipped with Fm Radio and Television 8mp Camera, Connectivity includes WI-Fi, GPRS , Edge, MMS and Bluetooth. The mobile

March 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked Teaser Commercial

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2013
The Samsung Unpacked 2013 a very cute commercial of a boy having a box or the unpacked Samsung Galaxy . Jeremy Maxwell the secret messenger of Samsung Galaxy 4 is the one who will unveil the new Samsung Smartphone. Watching the video reminds me of a cartoon/comic series Richie rich. A very rich kid that can get anything and was called “the poor little rich boy”. I don’t own any Galaxy but the phone is the next big thing after Apple iPhone and it might get the crown after the release. The commercial is to be continued since March 14, 2013 would reveal the next Galaxy. Just like Jeremy in the commercial

March 5, 2013

YouTube doing Harlem Shake

YouTube Harlem Shake
Harlem shake is a viral video and music it could be made by anyone and spread just like fire. This morning while checking my Facebook feeds one of my friend posted an instruction that made me curios about Harlem Shake.

Go to YouTube

Type “do the harlem shake” without the quotation and wait

Millions of YouTube user are doing the Harlem Shake

March 4, 2013

Windows 8 Manage Wireless Network

Manage Wireless Networks Windows 8
I have a caller today having issues with his new Windows 8 computer. The old computer is running on Windows 7 and its  working fine and the customer said that they only change the SSID and password of his Netcomm Modem. The customer knows how to set up the modem but it's a common issue on a Windows computer that if you change the SSID wireless profile should be deleted. Here's how on Windows 7 
Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Manage Wireless Networks (it will show the list of the Wireless network) > right click and remove the network

March 3, 2013

Apple Email Barely Legal Teen Block

Barely Legal Teen Block
If you got an email that contains Barely Legal content, what comes out of your mind? - A spam, porn or malicious email? Last night I was watching a technology news and according to them Apple email or Mac mail blocks email that contain such keywords. The only problem with this filtering email is people complain that Apple are reading out their email and the email never gets to a spam folder. The filtering of email might be helpful for regular computer user but what if you're a journalist writing on that topic. According to the news they will never

March 2, 2013

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector my Wireless tool

Wireless Inspector
Wireless connection is one of the challenge I encounter if troubleshooting connectivity problem. There are caller who doesn’t have an Ethernet cable to test a wired connection. If the user are experiencing slow connection on wireless signal but on the modem status its showing a good sync or signal it only show that it could be an issue with the modem or line . One of my colleague introduces a tool that would help me identify and explain much further to the caller the main issue. Xirrus WI-Fi Inspector from the word itself it inspects the

March 1, 2013

Google Glass Vision: Make us Normal

Google Glass Smartphone
Everybody owns a Smartphone and Google Glass relies on the phone. So I asked what’s the difference with Smartphone and the glass. Two things I noticed on Google glass and phone it’s the interaction. Imagine this two gadget lover one owns a Smartphone and the other has Google glass. The first one is focused on connecting to the internet or interacting and it shows on his gesture, looking at a piece of screen that can reach everybody. The Google glass owner has been just like a normal person standing, looking around, chatting with