March 18, 2013

Removing shortcut virus on Windows

USB Virus removal
I copy some program on my friends laptop when I noticed something on the USB drive. It’s a weird shortcut that nothing happens when you click on it. The first thing that came out of my mind is a virus not that harmful but it’s very annoying to have that shortcut file on your USB drive. I told him that the computer has a virus but he said he got security software installed and no threat found the last time he scan. 

Okay it's time for me to figure out what type of virus is it. The virus is activated when inserting a flash drive or USB drive so I check the system start up. The start up looks clean as most of the known and unknown software are disable. I have a piece of software that can check start up for Windows its USB Disk Security. I install the software and check for some other files I noticed a specific path and file C:\DOCUME~\ADMIN~\LOCALS~\TEMP\  it’s not a system file or any file on the computer so I decided to delete the path using a command prompt or a .bat file here’s how

Save it on C: drive cd\ cd%temp% attrib –h –s –r del  - save it as security.bat

It also works on other virus or file that you’re not familiar with the filename (commom on temp file)

Restart your computer but boot into safemode with command prompt (common boot option f8)

Then run the command ex, cd\ c:\[name of file].bat or security.bat
The latest update on my security software detect the virus.  I’m using ESET 6 better update your system. 
USB drive Virus

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