August 19, 2013

vxp games for MRE supported phones

vxp games for phones
If you are looking for games and application for your phone and having a hard time installing it you might have a MRE phone. Androids phones and application are everywhere and downloading an application is not a problem since you have Google Play, store or any website that will bring you Androids application. MRE stands for (MAUI Runtime Environment)  if you have China phones or Cherry Mobile phones that support .mre/.mrp you can download games here I will provide

the link. If you want to know if your phone is supported all you need to do is dial *#220807# if there is a response like connecting to the internet or check the memory card and look for the folder “mythroad” Here’s the link for downloading some files make sure to look for the games that fit your screen size. Here’s the link: .vxp games for your China phones Cherry Mobile phone. Note that the link above is one of my source when installing games and app for my phone. Its a third party website download and install the game at your own risk

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