August 18, 2013

How to Share Instagram Photo to Facebook Iphone

Facebook and Instagram

Instagram is a great photo sharing network and if you’re a Facebook user and wants to integrate Instagram post its possible with this simple steps. When posting a photo on Instagram it will ask if you want to share it on Facebook to keep your privacy. Here is how to change the settings on Instagram app. Launch the Instagram app from the iPhone home screen. Tap on the profile icon and tap on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Under preferences

tap on share settings. Now tap on Facebook and under options, tap on share to which is default to your personal timeline. Instagram should now route you to Facebook where you'll get a message asking if you give Instagram permission to manage your pages. Tap Ok.You'll now be routed back to Instagram where a complete list of all the pages you manage will now be present. Just tap on the one you'd like your Instagram photos to automatically filter to. A very simple settings to automatically share Instagram photo to your Facebook timeline.

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