January 24, 2014

How to do a Screenshot While Playing Games on Flare 2x

CM Flare 2X screen
Performing a screen shot on an Android phone is a bit tricky you need coordination, multiple tries and feel the button until you master how to screen shot.  The Cherry Mobile Flare 2X is one of the phone that I’m getting a bit of trouble when performing a screen shot. Its always been easy for an Android phone to take a screen capture but there are cases that issues might arise .Let’s take a look on the product specification first before we proceed.

January 19, 2014

Hard reset on Iview 754 TPC Tablet

Iview 754 TPC Tablet
I’m dealing with this tablet an Iview 754TPC got this as a birthday present and unfortunately since I’m not using the tablet most of the time I forgot the password. Multiple incorrect tries will result to the very famous Android message “Too Many Pattern Attempts” and asking for the Gmail account. Online tutorials and how to are everywhere but  none works for me. Before we proceed let’s first take a look at the Iview 754TPC

January 18, 2014

Cherry Mobile W7 compatible .vxp Games

Cherry Mobile W7 is not an Android phone that has Google play store where you can download your favorite and latest game. It doest have memory card to install large high definition game Cherry Mobile W7 is a basic phone.  A phone for making a call, text, surf and check what application is included on the phone. Before giving you games that are compatible with this phone lets take a look first on the phone specifications.

January 17, 2014

Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset

Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset
It’s not a new phone from Cherry Mobile but based on Google search and impression on my website Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset or factory reset is the most common search terms and I will provide you a resolution about this problem. Flare is still the top search term when it comes to resetting it to factory default. Let’s take a look on the CM Sonic specification

January 12, 2014

C:\part-setup_ais-ffffffff.vpx Avast Set up Error

Avast Error  Fatal Error
The beauty of security software is to get your computer secured and worry free operating system but what if security software is the one creating the issue or conflict on your OS. On my recent post Avast Set up Error I received a comment that removing the program and installing it did not worked well. The Anonymous user posted a link of forum that resolved his issue lets find out how.

January 11, 2014

Smart Sat - Satellite-Powered Communication using Shuraya SatSleeve

What is Smart Sat? Or let’s simply say what Satellite communication is? According to Britannica Encyclopedia it is a communication links between various points of the earth. It’s possible to communicate even if no signal or coverage on your area using Satellite. Yes, even your iPhone can get a satellite signal via Smart Sat powered by Smart communication all you need to have is iPhone and Shuraya SatSleeve an adaptor that will power the phone and give you reliable connection even if no network available.

January 10, 2014

How to Delete hidden games for Samsung c3303k Champ

Samsung Champ C3303K
If you are a gamer the first thing that you need to check is the space of the drive and with Samsung c3303k Champ it support microSD up to 8GB. Released 2010 the basic phone from top brand Samsung is a hit when it was out to the market also known as “Samsung Libre” the phone include games and with this phone it has hidden games or pre installed games. Lets look at the basic specification of the phone. 

January 4, 2014

Cloudfone Thrill 430x battery problem

Cloudfone Thrill a buzz for a local phone that gives you battery power. Everybody complains about battery life even top brand gadgets cannot figure out how create a battery that will last long enough to satisfy the user. There are various tips and tricks like application that you can install, turn off apps and phone settings, root the phone, power bank and of course keep the charger handy. Battery problem is a major concern for smart phone user and if you’re a heavy user, game lover and data consumer that’s the first thing that