April 27, 2014

Facebook browser problem

Facebook browser problem

Facebook page won't load properly, broken pictures, takes time to load on Google Chrome. Is this normal I have a good internet connection and other pages loads up well fine but when it comes to Facebook its giving me a headache, is there a solution for these issue?  This is one of the question that show up on my inbox Facebook problems.  The main reason my a post this blog is for troubleshooting Facebook related issue or browser problems. (screen shot of Facebook page)

April 19, 2014

Remote your Desktop using Google Chrome

Desktop using Google Chrome
It's always been an easy task for me if I can take over the computer and do some technical stuff, if the user is not technical enough to troubleshoot or fix some issue. Remote desktop sharing is very convenient and save both of your time. Technology makes our life easy and for me having this kinds of tool makes my life much easier. I was looking for a remote desktop software for free, easy to use and interface friendly and here's what I got from Google Chrome. Chrome Remote Desktop

April 13, 2014

Pacquiao Punch Out on Android

Pacquiao Punch Out on Android
Congratulations Manny Pacquiao! as he captured back his WBO title over Timothy Bradley. It's a rematch as Pacman proves that he is the better fighter and he still got it after their first controversial match two years ago. 12 round of the full pack MGM ground and the 35 year old Pacman out boxed the champion to gain back the title and prove that he is still pound for pound. Okay before I get excited on his win I was able to search some Android games for Pacman and one of the games is called Pacquiao Punch Out. 

April 12, 2014

Creating Apple ID using your PC

Creating Apple ID using your PC
Creating Apple ID is easy and most of the user think that credit card information is needed before you can get one, because most of the great apps are not free signing an ID needs the details. Now, that most of the user are canceling the registration because the fear of getting charged or no Credit card at all, I'll show you how to create an Apple ID that will not asked for your credit card information. Here's how: 

April 5, 2014

Cherry Mobile Fuze - Fuzzing away with features

Cherry Mobile Fuze
Want to have an Android phone fuzzing with features Cherry Mobile has an offer CM Fuze. Its not just an ordinary phone because this one is loaded Micro USB 2.0 and OTG support. Before, we get into product specification most user will check the battery. Cherry Mobile and other Smart phone problem, how long does it last? feedback from Fuze user said it might take 2-3 days on standby and 1-2 days on heavy usage. Lets take a look on the product. 

April 3, 2014

Deep Freeze Password Recovery

Deep Freeze  Password Recovery

Need help on your Deep Freeze installed on your computer? Forgot the password and need to log in to modify something no worries I got a software that will show the password of Deep Freeze. It's called Meltdown a deep freeze recovery tool. A deep freeze is commonly used for Internet cafe business because of it special features to freeze the Operating system to a certain point its available on most OS like Windows, MAC and Linux.