November 17, 2012

Teenager invents Summly App for Iphone


A 17-years-old Australian teenager invented an application called Summly. Nick D'Aloisio is programming since he was 12 years-old learning the basic C language , reading reference books and watching online courses available. His fascination with the language and programming lead him to create and develop an application.He develops an app that will show a summary or synopsis of search result. He got the idea when Nick is doing a Google search

November 16, 2012

Fujifilm Ultra-wide 99x telephoto zoom lens

Talking about latest in Technology Fuji film will release a 99x zoom lens an a wide angle focal length a top specifications for broadcast photo lens.
“It’s ideal for not just sports like baseball, but also activities such as theater  golf and skating” – Hiroshi Kato a Senior Operations Manager, Television Lenses Group Fuji film
He added “ Nowadays, a lot of virtual content is used in live sports coverage. This lens outputs data enabling the virtual content to follow the camera when its swings out or zooms in. A feature of TV lenses is a powerful zoom capability.”

Your Name and Google


Google compensates a man for linking him for a crime. The U.S internet giant Google and Yahoo pays a man. Search Michael Trukulja on Google and Yahoo and you will see such result like criminal , underworld crime but Mr. Trukulja, is a music promoter. Milorad Michael Trkulja was shot in Melbourne in 2004 but the crime was never been solved the story was reported in the Herald Sun. Google auto complete is a very useful tool but it can cause damage and the user can just click on suggested keyword. People sue Google because of linking their name for a crime it’s a strong evidence that the court might favor you.

 You can now do a Google search of your name you'll never know what might show under the keyword suggestion