November 1, 2013

Kakao Talk for PC

KakaoTalk PC
The very popular chat application for Android, iPhone and Blackberry is now on PC or Windows operating system. I’m a Kakao Talk user on Android and the application is fun and easy to use easy step to download and register. On play store download and install KakaoTalk  open the application and register using your mobile number and KakaoTalk is ready to use once you confirm the verification code sent to your mobile. You can customized your KakaoTalk ID by selecting settings it’s a onetime access to changed the ID.
 KakaoTalk account will give you option for Kakao  update and friend list.
KakaoTalk on PC
Installing the program is easy but accessing the program you might encounter issues like “Cannot connect to Kakao Talk server. This may have been caused by unstable user network or Kakao Talk may been blocked by a firewall. If this error is repeated, please contact Network Manager (10060). To resolved the issue make sure that Internet Connection is active and firewall allow the program to connect. Once the application is installed registering it is a bit complicated it will ask if it’s a personal computer and email.
The email address that you’re going to use is the email address that you register over KakaoTalk account (screen shot below.)
Using your mobile is required when registering to KakaoTalk . Once the account is created email and password are needed to access the Kakao program a verification code will be sent again on KakaoTalk mobile to validate and security purpose. KakaoTalk for PC is easy to use just like your Android application you can be online anytime anywhere. Note KakaoTalk uses data coverage and for sticker or emoticon its best to use wifi connection for downloading updates and sticker.

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