January 31, 2013

Creating a Wireless Network HotSpot Icon – CorelDraw Turorial

Wireless Icon Tutorial Corel
This is a popular and well known icon or graphics a Wifi hotspot. If you’re in a mall, coffee shops or any establishment which is wifi ready you’ll see this familiar icon. Now after creating Google Chrome Icon using Corel Tutorial and Microsoft Logo Corel Tutorial I’m going to create a customize Wifi Icon or Creating a Wireless Network HotSpot Icon – CorelDraw Turorial. 

Create a new Corel Document.

January 29, 2013

Incorrect Parameter on Belkin Modem

Belkin Incorrect Parameter
Today I have a customer setting up his Belkin Modem but getting an error message ADSL Incorrect Parameter. This is the first time that I encounter a message when setting up a certain modem. The modem is almost a year old and he said that he's been setting up the modem and he knows the correct settings. The first thing I check was the settings thinking that he might put the wrong setup. Reviewing the setting and running a wizard are all correct but when saving the setting a pop up message shows up “ADSL Incorrect parameter”. ADSL setting requires username, password and certain Internet Service

January 28, 2013

CorelDraw Tutorial – Creating Android Logo

Android Logo Corel Tutorial
I have a very simple and popular logo that l created on Corel Draw “ Android” a very popular and well known logo for Smartphone. A Linux based operating system designed for Smartphones it’s an open source and owned by Google. The Android is a cool logo you I've seen Androids dress in occasion like holidays. During Christmas Season Androids are wearing Santa’s hat. A very powerful Icon that dominates the market when it comes to tablet and Smartphone.
Here’s how to create a simple Android Logo.

January 27, 2013

Setting Up Mozilla Thunderbird on Gmail

Thunderbird Gmail Setup
Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application that you can instantly use and have the same functionality like MS. Outlook and other email client. Today I will run a set up on Thunderbird using my Gmail account.
Thunder Bird Version: 14.0 – I think this is the latest one download here

Gmail – free email account you can create your account here:

Symbian OS is Dead

Android Kill Symbian
The end of Symbian is expected as new Smartphone and Android are dominating the market. I’m once a Symbian user a Nokia Phone Xpress Music – They dominate the market here in the Philippines and they say that “it’s not a phone if it’s not Nokia” Problems that I encountered having a Symbian OS are when installing games and application its asking for a certificate. I also got a Virus on my Symbian knows the “Cabir”. Symbian is the most popular Smartphone until 2010. I use my phone for free internet using Globe Simcard and only certain

January 25, 2013

Creating My Blog Logo - Lintechnology

Lintechnology Logo
Oh I am not an Adobe Photoshop master or a Corel Draw advance user I just love to play around with the program and create my own art. Today I want to give my blog a new look. Okay the blog is hosted on blogspot which is free and planning to get a domain this year. The template is the simplest one and also planning to create a CSS file to customize my blogger default site. It’s been a while not updating my logo I cannot think of the exact design color and the effect of the logo. I guess I’ll just keep it simple and stupid. The text Lintechnology is the name of the blog since it features technology news and other stuff I’m thinking for a simple design like box or circle and adding a text that shows word technology.

January 24, 2013

Disable Live Tattoo Pop-Up On Your Google Chrome

Globe Live Tatto - ScriptSafe
I’m a Globe Tattoo user it’s a USB broadband stick powered by Globe Telecom it’s a handy Internet Connection just plug and play as long as Internet Signal is available. Promotion advertisement and pop ups are showing when you are browsing the Internet. Annoying windows below will just show up that will redirect to their website. It’s not fun for me having a small window running in front of the website that you're trying to access. I thought that enabling pop extension of Google Chrome will do the trick but I’m wrong it’s not just a simple host name patter that you can block. I try to get the source of the pop up using

January 23, 2013

Firefox Add On Security?

Firefox Add Ons Security
Computer browser is the Window to your online world it is the road to get information and also a television to showcase information. Add ons is just like an added feature a piece of software that complete a browser. Firefox add ons is just like other popular browser it showcase a feature to have a great browsing experience. Every download and installation on the computer might include a certain add ons that you’re not aware.  It’s a special trick that software developer included during the installation to promote their product. Certain add ons like browser and search engine add ons slows down the connection and

January 22, 2013

Downloading Information On Facebook- Archive

Download Facebook Information
While checking some security setting and features on my Facebook account I notice this feature on Facebook. Downloading Your Information and get a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook. Okay – there is no sensible information and important files on my account only boring post and I’m not using my Facebook all the time. Reading the setting says that personal archive will be created and send out to your email address. The Archive files include Photos or videos you've shared on Facebook , Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations and

January 21, 2013

End Of The World May 15 2013? Facebook

Facebook Dooms Day May 15
Forget the hype of the December 21 2012 End Of The World. The Mayan Calendar and prediction of doomsday, planetary alignment and natural disaster that could end the human race. New prediction is out but not pertaining to our planet It's about the top social networking site Facebook. The Largest Social Networking site was Launched 2004 and over billion of registered user it continues to grow every year as it build a good status to user. Facebook is currently number 1 in Alexa ahead the giant search engine Google. In Just seven years it reached every internet user with share like and comment on a picture video or event.

January 20, 2013

Common Modem Default Gateway

Common Modem Default Gateway
Configuring a modem is very easy almost all modem manufacturers are using a setup wizard or basic setup that will guide the end user for basic settings and connection. If the modem is provided by the Internet Service Provider it could be pre configured just like what happen on this post Setting up a Modem to TPG Connection. Checking the modem address or gateway is easy if you’re using Windows Operating System. Here’s how:

Start > start search type CMD > open command prompt > type IPCONFIG

Sony Flash Disk Micro Vault Click 8GB

Sony Flash Drive Micro Vault
I was in the mall this morning looking for a portable hardrive that I can use to store my movies and files. Checking every gadget store is not easy you can find items that interest you and might get tempted to buy a gadget that you don’t really need. Walking and looking for a good price and deals I came across with this popular store in the Philippines CD-R king. Items are affordable and almost new gadgets released on the market CDR-king has it. It started as CD store and expanded to gadgets and technology store. CDR-king vision
"Our vision is to provide every Filipino with the latest technology at an

January 18, 2013

Critical Strike Portable - Counter Strike on Google Chrome

Counter Strike portable
One of my favorite games is back Counter Strike Online and on Google Chrome. This is the first game that I master when I was in High School every Saturday I play the LAN game together with my classmate. Counter Strike is a very enjoyable no instance that the computer shop is silent because everybody is shouting. A thrill to be on top killing everybody and finding or defusing a bomb. The online game is not that popular during that time and CS players and tournament are held every Sunday. Playing Counter Strike alone is very boring although you can add a BOT to play against them but the level and difficulty is not

January 17, 2013

Creating a Contact Page on Blogspot

Contact Us form Blogspot
A website or a blog is not complete without a contact page. A page that you can send feedback and get in touch with your readers or follower. It requires basic information like name, email address and comment or feedback. The contact page is one of the page I look for on a website there are a lot of design and information that you can glimpse like Maps – Using GoogleMaps. Contact Information, Business address Phone, Mobile and Fax numbers it can also include an owner or CEO of the company. Having an attractive contact page is very helpful readers can just post a comment and get feedback from your website.

January 16, 2013

Classic Games for Google Chrome

Google Chrome Classic Games
Browsing again in Google Chrome Web store I noticed a very familiar Icon it’s a joystick and labelled as Classic Games. Not knowing what’s on the application but the word Classic Games for Google Chrome tells it all. Games like Bomber man, Pac Man, Metal Slug, Super Mario and Contra are on my top list of classic games. I’m in fourth or fifth grade when I first played Contra wars on Gameboy that is the most popular games during that time. The objective is to pass all the level with an action battle adventure every round. The controls are

January 13, 2013

Is it a Tablet or a Table PC?

Table PC Lenovo
Watching one of my favorite channels on Technology News I was surprised with a new device. It’s a tablet but not your regular tablet. It's a big, and massive tablet . Lenovo is the company who is creating massive tablets It has the same functionality as a regular tablet but it has a jumbo size screen 20 inch to 27 inches. A regular tablet has a screen of 10 inches and imagine double the size of you iPad and you'll get a massive tablet.
The screen looks like a flat television that you could carry around for business presentation. It might

January 12, 2013

Setting up Netcomm Modem for TPG

Setting up Netcomm Modem
My cousin from Australia send me an email asking for help configuring his modem. He said that his son accidentally press the reset button and now they're lost. He said that since I am a technical support I can configure the modem in an instance. I told him that the modem is configured by ISP provider and he should call TPG. TPG is one of Internet Service Provider from Australia. He signed up for Unlimited Internet and phone bundle for $59.99 per month. I asked him if he remembers configuring the modem before he said “No” – Okay configuring the modem is easy if you do have a setting from TPG or ISP. He said that he just connects

Waterproof Smartphone – Xperia Z

Xperia Z waterproof
Nothing is impossible with technology as it improves our lives it also make impossible things possible. Waterproof camera has been released and underwater photography can be captured. No more worries of the device getting wet as these technologies are designed to stay underwater. A lot of cameras are out in the market you’ll just need to find one that suit your budget and make sure to read some reviews. Underwater camera serves as your direct connection to the water world. It

January 10, 2013

AdBlock on Opera Browser

AbBlock For Opera
Do you want to block advertisements when browsing a website or stop the video ad when playing a video over YouTube? My browser for playing video over the Internet is Opera Browser 12.01. It’s not the latest version and I haven’t updated to the latest one but I found an extension Adblock Adblock is a popular extension for Google Chrome and Safari it is a useful tool when it comes to blocking an annoying ads. In my recent post adding a link or a banner can earn a decent amount of money online. Trickyads that might contain spammy links and ad to force

January 9, 2013

How Google Drive Kills MS Office

Google Drive Office
 My desktop computer has a Microsoft Office version and I’m using the software for creating documents, PowerPoint presentation and Spreadsheets. The software is a starter version and if you want to upgrade to Office 2013  Standalone versions: prices are $139.99 (Home & Student), $219.99 (Home & Business), $399.99 (Professional). Okay, That’s too much for me and beside I am only using the basic functionality of MS Office. Creating simple documents and presentation for my business saving and tracking data using MS Excel. I don’t need an

January 8, 2013

Google Maps for Chrome

Google Maps For Chrome
Chrome web store is a place for free download application for Google Chrome. One of the useful application that I have on my browser is Google Maps although you can visit Google maps website anytime you want but this application is integrated with the browser and since I  travel a lot Google Maps on the computer very helpful.

Here is how  to add Google Maps for Chrome:
Click on Add to add the maps as a shortcut or a bookmarks.

January 7, 2013

Facebook Privacy Update –How to Manage your Settings

Facebook Privacy Update
My Facebook page is private I play around with Facebook Privacy Settings to make sure that the settings are working properly. Before the update I test the privacy setting by creating a dummy account. The account is to check if the setting really works. I noticed some error on it. The dummy account is added to a custom list. The list will not show my status post, uploads and update but still you can see it on the ticker. A ticker is windows that will show your friends' activity.

A recent update on Facebook Privacy Settings and it

January 6, 2013

Disable Java to Avoid Malware

How to disable Java
Recent news and updates from JAVA a new Trojan Horse called Mal/JavaJar-B has been found to older version and latest Java Updates. Since Java is widely used on Windows and Linux operating system it can cause a security threat to all the users. The Malware exploits Java application and with this it can possibly gain access and get sensible and valuable information. It can also let hackers to exploit down your system. Java application is needed to run various web applications and website. Disabling Java application might affect your

January 5, 2013

How to Determine a Tricky Ads on Website

Tricky Ads download
Every webmaster will do everything to earn online a lot of Ad affiliates are available some are a bit spammy especially if the website is about download and streaming videos. The reason why a lot of attractive and flashing button to download and watch online is Paid to Click service the webmaster is earning on every click that was generated. Running a website is a very serious job if you want to make this as a living you should master and learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO will improve your ranking on search engine and generate traffic.

January 4, 2013

500 Internal Server Error on Youtube

Internal Server Error 500 youtube
Sorry, something went wrong. This is the message that shows up earlier when I click on YouTube link or when adding a channel. “A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation ” – And a bunch of code letters and numbers below.
I thought that it’s my browser but Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are getting the same issue. No Troubleshooting steps that I can think of since it could be YouTube is down or having a maintenance but It’s just funny how the error message was

January 3, 2013

Facebook not Loading on Internet Explorer

facebook google frame
This morning I am trying to browse the internet using the Internet Explorer I haven’t use the browser since it has a lot of add on and takes time to load. Browsing to a different page it takes forever to load and some of the pages won’t load properly. Having the add on disable and optimized the browsing experience improves but still Chrome and Firefox is much faster.  I log on to my Facebook account and do normal stuff. Uploading pictures, Chatting and posting something on the wall is quite a bit faster but opening a page on new tab just

January 2, 2013

Windows 8 won’t boot after installing AVG

Today my friend ask me to take a look on his computer a Windows 8 operating system and won’t load the OS. Windows 8 won’t boot after installing AVG security software. Here’s the scenario the computer is completely dead after a few seconds, it loads into a blue screen DRIVER_PORTION_MUST_BE_NONPAGED (mrxsmb20.sys) that is the message. I have no idea what happened he told me that he installed AVG security software turn the computer off overnight and the next day it won’t load. I asked him if the

Corel Draw Tutorial – Uchicha Clan Emblem

Uchicha Corel Draw Tutorial
Watching one of my favorite Anime Naruto – Naruto Shippudden I noticed different design or logo for each character or clan. The famous of all is the Uchicha Clan who vanished and only two brothers survived. Sasuke and Itachi, The clan was killed by Itachi and he was called a rouge ninja only his younger brother survived who witnessed how his brother killed his own parents. Sasuke seek for revenge and killing his own brother Itachi but in the end Sasuke knows the truth and seeking to crush their village Konoha. The Clan has a special emblem

January 1, 2013

Google+ Hangouts: Get the Family Together

Google Hangouts: Family
This is the time of the year that you're having fun with your family, bonding with your friends and celebrating a special occasion. It’s a new year and I'm alone in my room, you can hear the noise outside; fireworks and loud music playing waiting for a New Year 2013. This is the first time that I will spend new year away from home because of my current job. They need a technical support service even its holiday but it’s fun being a tech support and 2012 is a great year but I’m expecting a wonderful 2013.
Google+ hangouts. The best place to Hangouts and get the family together. I