January 20, 2013

Common Modem Default Gateway

Common Modem Default Gateway
Configuring a modem is very easy almost all modem manufacturers are using a setup wizard or basic setup that will guide the end user for basic settings and connection. If the modem is provided by the Internet Service Provider it could be pre configured just like what happen on this post Setting up a Modem to TPG Connection. Checking the modem address or gateway is easy if you’re using Windows Operating System. Here’s how:

Start > start search type CMD > open command prompt > type IPCONFIG

It will show you this result

Ipconfig Modem

The default gateway is the address of the modem or most of the modem include a label or manual for the modem set up. Every day I received a call from customer whose modem is not supported and I create a list of Common Modem Default gateway username and password.

Manufacturer Gateway Username password
iConnectAccess 621 root 0P3N
iConnectAccess 624W root 0P3N
iConnectAccess 624RL admin admin

DSL-200 USB USB only (no config page)
DSL-300/300+ Not asked
DSL-300G Not asked
DSL-302G (USB) (Ethernet) admin admin
DSL 500/504/500G Not asked
DSL-504G admin admin
DSL-502T admin admin
DSL-604T admin admin

NB1300 & NB1300+4 admin password
NB3 root root
NB5, NB5+4 admin admin

DM602 admin password
DM111P admin password

Wireless Modem (WAG54G) admin admin
Dynalink Dynalink
Dynalink admin admin
Speedstream 4200
Speedstream 4200 admin blank




I hope the list will help you set up the modem and for support you can call the Internet Service Provider or Modem Manufacturer.

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