December 22, 2012

Removing Uniblue Driver Scanner

Uniblue Driver Scanner Remove
Every time my computer starts up a pop-up window shows up about installing something. The only option is yes or remind me later I never bother to take a look on the program since I always cancel and ignore it. Recent changes show up on my start up process a software Uniblue Driver Scanner is popping up and try to connect and do a system scan. Where this software came from? I never installed it as far as I know and I will not allow someone to install it on my computer.

Trying to get my Bluetooth connection to work I search our friend Google and land on a website about drivers and update. I remember I installed a software or the driver for my Bluetooth connection but not a UNIBLUE DRIVER SCANNER that keeps showing up every time I boot my computer. I decide to remove Uniblue Driver Scanner .
Here’s how:
Just like normal uninstallation on Windows go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.
Remove Uniblue Driver Scanner Publisher Uniblue System Ltd size 23.0 MB and version 
remove uniblue scanner

Removing the software is pretty fast and easy no pop message or system requirement , no need to connect to a certain website. Right now that I removed Uniblue Driver Scanner I’m expecting a much faster load up time on my Windows operating system. No more wait time for the program to load then close the application. If you're having the same issue removing some certain software on the computer you can try the basic steps first, if all else fails Google is your answer or check my post here on the website you might find some post handy.


  1. Uniblue Driver Scanner doesn't appear in my Programs list nor in my start-up menu nor in the services listed in msconfig. Yet the bloody thing fires up every time I switch on the laptop. Any suggestions???

  2. Rest up - regarding my previous comment: It was called SpeedUpPc when I was looking for Uniblue. Found & uninstalled.

  3. try using a software or uninstaller - revo unistaller. That will help :)