December 19, 2012

CorelDraw Tutorial - Creating a Front ID Layout

CorelDraw Id layout Tutorial
An ID or Identification Card contains company information, your name, address and contact. It’s a very important document to know your identity and validate that you're part of the company, schools or organization. I will show you how to create a front ID layout using Corel Draw.

No exact size on the tutorial as ID vary on style and preference by the user. Create a CorelDraw document. Name Layer 1 as Layout then create a rectangle object
this will be the main size of the ID. Using the shape tool put a shape or curve on the object.
Corel Draw Shape Tool
Shape tool

Add another layer and name it Design for the ID picture box and design. Create a square object shape for the picture box you can put it on the middle or left side of the ID.
Id Picture and Design layout
layout design and picture box

Color the Design Layout depends on the company, school or organization color. In this tutorial I select Green, White and Black. Using the Smart Fill Tool selects Fill the design and put a transparency effect to highlight the Layout.
 Add another layout for text, name and other information on ID.
 Select an Arial font for the name and put it under the ID picture box. Add other information like employee number or student number you can also add a signature line at the bottom..

Corel ID front LayoutOn the upper right hand corner of the screen a logo or company information can be added. Create a new layer for logo you can import the logo and adjust the size or create your own logo on CorelDraw. Creating a Front ID layout using Corel Draw is easy you can copy the layout of your company ID or browse the web for ID layout. It’s a basic shape color and design for Corel you don’t need to master all the tools. Make sure to know the basic first. Check the finished ID front Layout

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