December 31, 2012

Numeric Keypad on Linux Not Working

Keyboard not Working Linux
I’m working as a Technical Support Representative for one of the largest Internet service providers in Australia. Most of our computer station runs on Linux and this morning I encounter an issue with my keyboard and numeric Keypad on Linux is not Working. I’m familiar with Windows OS and properties but this operating system is on admin account and I only have limited privilege to change and check the settings. Here are the details of the Operating System.

December 30, 2012

Great Firewall Of China - Extension of The Great Wall

The Great Firewall Of China
I know you're familiar with The Great Wall Of China. The Longest Man Made Structure in World and One of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A Wall is a structure to protect the people, country and territory they build the wall for security and controlling the borders. It’s also a great defense for invaders and people who’s trying to escape. “The Great Wall means power and control”- That’s the symbol of China’s Great Wall.

December 29, 2012

The Directory Name C:\ Users - Removing Pop up Message

The Directory dialog pop up
A start up process in Windows requires program loading up but while I load my sister’s computer it shows a message in a dialog box. The Directory Name:C\Users\Name\Local Settings\Application\Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default is invalid. The exact message is shown on the screenshot. The pop up message is pretty interesting because there is no Google Chrome installed on the system and Local Settings is a hidden system files on Windows.

December 28, 2012

Google Chrome Task Manager Looks Like Windows

Google Chrome Task Manager
A browser is a powerful software and with this you can surf, download watch video online. Three browser are installed on my Windows Starter OS. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Every browser system has its own bookmarks and web page that’s the reason why I use different browser Let’s check how Google Chrome Task Manager works.

If your familiar with Windows Operating system I’m sure that when the system stop responding you hit on

December 26, 2012

Cherry Mobile Flare Phone for Pinoy

Cherry Mobile Flare
If you like to have a phone that is similar to iPhone you can check the new Cherry Mobile Flare. It comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a Dual Core Processor. Cherry mobile Flare is dub ad “Pinoy latest phone” very cheap you can get the phone for P3,999.00 only. The Flare is also known as the Dual Core ng Bayan” Loaded with useful application and PlayStore for free and paid application. The Cherry Mobile Flare is the cheapest android in the market its fast has the latest Android version and looks like

December 25, 2012

How to Recover Files if Computer Crash on HP computer

Computer Crash Hp
Working with a computer is not an easy task especially if you’re a Technical Support. I’m a Level II desktop support for almost 3 years and encountered a lot of issues when it comes to computer not booting up or loading into Windows. Irate customer venting frustration after losing all important files. Although the HP computer has an option back up but it is not guaranteed that all your files will be saved and recover. HP software is not that complicated just like regular OEM they almost have every tool and application you

December 24, 2012

Wireless Network Password Suggestion and Tips

In the recent article Setting upWireless Security Password - Avoid getting Hacked I discussed how I managed to get into my friend wireless network. Now I have wireless network password suggestion and tips for you to set up. Common user will use a password like name, birthday, phone numbers and name initials words that can be spelled easily.  In this article I will show you some suggestion and tips for your wireless security key. I asked some of my friends about their wireless security key and they do have

December 23, 2012

Setting up Wireless Security Password - Avoid getting Hacked

Setting Up Wireless Password
I went to my friend's house the other day to copy some important files on his computer. I have my 4GB USB flash drive to transfer all the files, while waiting for the file transfer I sit there and look at his modem. A wireless NETCOMM modem NB300. I check his computer for the password, Yes you can check a wireless password on a computer that is connected to the modem Here’s how: For Windows7 Computer go to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center >Manage Wireless Networks.

December 22, 2012

Removing Uniblue Driver Scanner

Uniblue Driver Scanner Remove
Every time my computer starts up a pop-up window shows up about installing something. The only option is yes or remind me later I never bother to take a look on the program since I always cancel and ignore it. Recent changes show up on my start up process a software Uniblue Driver Scanner is popping up and try to connect and do a system scan. Where this software came from? I never installed it as far as I know and I will not allow someone to install it on my computer.

December 19, 2012

CorelDraw Tutorial - Creating a Front ID Layout

CorelDraw Id layout Tutorial
An ID or Identification Card contains company information, your name, address and contact. It’s a very important document to know your identity and validate that you're part of the company, schools or organization. I will show you how to create a front ID layout using Corel Draw.

No exact size on the tutorial as ID vary on style and preference by the user. Create a CorelDraw document. Name Layer 1 as Layout then create a rectangle object

How to Show your Profile Picture on Facebook Chat.

facebook icons for chat
Recently I noticed a lot of emoticons on Facebook comment page icons like poop, heart and smileys. Everybody is flooding a certain picture to try and test the emoticons. Users are having fun playing around with new icons and picture but do you know that you can post your profile picture on Facebook Chat. Showing your picture on Facebook Chat is possible there are certain codes that you can type to show your profile picture or even other person's profile picture. Just be careful using a certain code you might select a random profile picture.

December 16, 2012

Globe Gadget Care A Way to Protect your Gadgets

Do you love your gadgets? - Are you putting all those accessories to protect your expensive and valuable mobile phones. Are you using scratch protector or a screen cover to make sure that your gadgets are in shape.? Well, I’m not. I don’t use a screen cover to avoid scratches on my mobile phone screen. I don’t have any rubber protector or case to lessen the impact when you accidentally drop your gadgets. It’s simply I don’t care for my gadgets.

December 15, 2012

Creating Microsoft Logo Using Corel Draw

Microsoft Logo Finish
By using Corel Draw I create a Google Chrome Icon now I'm gonna show you how to create the new Microsoft Logo. The new logo is flat no fancy design, shadows or transparent effect simple color to match the new windows operating system. Basic shapes and tools for CorelDraw are needed to create the design. Here's how.
Create a new default CorelDraw document then name it as Microsoft Logo.

December 14, 2012

Creating a Google Chrome Icon –Using CorelDraw

Google Chrome Finish
Using simple colors shape and Corel basic tools I will show you how I create a simple Google Chrome Icon.

Tools you need to create a Google Chrome Logo
Corel Draw X5
Just Color Picker – or any color picker software 

Create a new document using the default Corel document.
Import your file for pattern and trace the Google chrome logo design
Create a two circles using the ellipse tool then using the freehand tool trace the lines to create a segments

December 12, 2012

Hackers new crime? hacknapping

Its always a challenge for a hacker to crack down a great security defense. Getting all the information on your finger tips in just a second. But hacking is a new crime on the internet? - A Russian hackers are holding a medical patient health record and sensitive information for ransom. Is this a new age of crime “hacknapping”. Hacking all sensitive information, medical records and

December 9, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet reviews

Microsoft Image Tablet
Microsoft Surface tablet is surfing its way to competition to the market. Recent reviews blogs and hype are on the internet when it comes to the new tablet from Microsoft let’s take a look and breakdown the tab.

Design and Hardware
10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37in  1.5lbs  VaporMg casing Dark Titanium colour Volume and Power buttons
A long tablet  .3 inches thick and made of magnesium alloy very light weight. The surface tablet has a kick stand that lets your tablet stand and avoid from

December 8, 2012

Google Glasses How It Works

Google Glasses
Technology news present Google Glasses it’s not your ordinary eye glass Google just release the much anticipated augmented reality glasses display. Its look like more a headset but the glasses has a camera to capture images, video and a video display in front of the right eye for watching a video. It also has a speaker by the ear, a single button on the side and a microphone as well.The device will communicate with the phone using Bluetooth and will play content on the video display screen. The video projected on the right eye might look like a 19” inch display.

December 7, 2012

What's new with iOS6

iOS6 experience

The top feature of the new OS is Maps it offers turn by turn navigation and guided by Siri. Maps are attractive and easy to read. Directions are large and clear. Another feature for SMS and call is when someone is calling you and cannot answer the phone you can now "Reply with text message "or "Remind later" and reminder can be based on where you are. It also provide do not disturb mode if you're in a meeting and no one can call you. But you can set allow calls from certain person

November 17, 2012

Teenager invents Summly App for Iphone


A 17-years-old Australian teenager invented an application called Summly. Nick D'Aloisio is programming since he was 12 years-old learning the basic C language , reading reference books and watching online courses available. His fascination with the language and programming lead him to create and develop an application.He develops an app that will show a summary or synopsis of search result. He got the idea when Nick is doing a Google search

November 16, 2012

Fujifilm Ultra-wide 99x telephoto zoom lens

Talking about latest in Technology Fuji film will release a 99x zoom lens an a wide angle focal length a top specifications for broadcast photo lens.
“It’s ideal for not just sports like baseball, but also activities such as theater  golf and skating” – Hiroshi Kato a Senior Operations Manager, Television Lenses Group Fuji film
He added “ Nowadays, a lot of virtual content is used in live sports coverage. This lens outputs data enabling the virtual content to follow the camera when its swings out or zooms in. A feature of TV lenses is a powerful zoom capability.”

Your Name and Google


Google compensates a man for linking him for a crime. The U.S internet giant Google and Yahoo pays a man. Search Michael Trukulja on Google and Yahoo and you will see such result like criminal , underworld crime but Mr. Trukulja, is a music promoter. Milorad Michael Trkulja was shot in Melbourne in 2004 but the crime was never been solved the story was reported in the Herald Sun. Google auto complete is a very useful tool but it can cause damage and the user can just click on suggested keyword. People sue Google because of linking their name for a crime it’s a strong evidence that the court might favor you.

 You can now do a Google search of your name you'll never know what might show under the keyword suggestion