December 14, 2012

Creating a Google Chrome Icon –Using CorelDraw

Google Chrome Finish
Using simple colors shape and Corel basic tools I will show you how I create a simple Google Chrome Icon.

Tools you need to create a Google Chrome Logo
Corel Draw X5
Just Color Picker – or any color picker software 

Create a new document using the default Corel document.
Import your file for pattern and trace the Google chrome logo design
Create a two circles using the ellipse tool then using the freehand tool trace the lines to create a segments

Coloring the Google Chrome Icon
There are five basic colors for the icon Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Using the color picker tool here are the exact color code in RGB:
Red :231 53 41
Green: 56 53 41
Yellow: 250 209 8
Blue: 60 136 200

Fill the colors and design select the middle circle and adjust the border to 25px and change the color to white. Put some shadows and and gradient tools for adding more appeal on the logo

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