December 12, 2012

Hackers new crime? hacknapping

Its always a challenge for a hacker to crack down a great security defense. Getting all the information on your finger tips in just a second. But hacking is a new crime on the internet? - A Russian hackers are holding a medical patient health record and sensitive information for ransom. Is this a new age of crime “hacknapping”. Hacking all sensitive information, medical records and
credit card information then asking for a ransom. A new cyber crime that you might pay hundred dollars for the hackers to give your data back. Miami Family Medical Centre is an example on this cybercrime according to Mr. Phair “Cyber criminals based mainly throughout Eastern Europe look for rich targets, places with identifying information to extort," said Mr Phair, the director of the Centre for Internet Safety. (source

Hacknapping is not just your ordinary cybercrime. - If you know how to get into people personal files and record asked for a ransom or extort a large company that’s consider a crime a cybercrime. Every company should invest on security holding personal records and valuable information is a hot spot for hackers. 

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