May 31, 2013

Are you aware if you have a Spyware or Adware

Lets talk about spyware and adware its common with Windows OS to get a spyware adware but what's the difference between the two. It is not considered as a virus or a spam but sometimes it can do harm on your computer. If you love to browse and install untrusted software more likely you'll installing SPYWARE and ADWARE on your system here's the example. A free program that you want to use will ask you question about promotion or tool bar on your browser a pop up advertisement and bug you every time it is consider as

May 29, 2013

Cherry Mobile W20 W series

Cherry Mobile release some phones like W19, W12, W5 and the latest one W20. The release of androids phone was a hit having the affordable phone in the market with a dual core features and reasonable price. The release on cherry mobile includes W series a phone that has a basic features like dual sim, wifi connectivity, radio and Facebook application. Here’s the detailed specification of W20 Cherry Mobile.
Network: Dual SIM
As always Cherry Mobile will give you 2 sim card slot for possible different network provider

May 25, 2013

Sagem Modem Default Username and Password

Sagem Modem
Common post on this blog is getting the default username and password of the modem and today its about a certain modem a Sagem modem. Previous post include Buffalo Zyxel username and password and getting the default gateway is easy. If the computer is Windows go to CMD and type IPCONFIG and look for default gateway. The gateway is the address on the modem and typing it to the browser will show the log in page.

May 22, 2013

WeChat Popular Chat Application

I recently posted an application about chat and it’s called Path now we have WeChat. I saw the application on a commercial by the two popular Television host Drew Arellano and Iya Villania . A free texting, voice messaged and video calls in your pocket. The app features a clear voice messages the two television host is chatting but using the voice command. It also has group chats and animated smileys . The good thing about this application is free and available in Android Smartphone. You can download the application

May 21, 2013

Google Calendar will Organize Your Day

Google Calendar
Here is a useful application from Google if you want to have an organize online activities or if you’re always on the internet and on the go you should have this application. On Google Calendar you can organize your schedule and even share it with your family and friends. You will never miss an event because an email or SMS reminder. It can be sync on to your phone so o need to worry of checking the schedule. Here’s how to set up the Google  Calendar.
First is setting up the Time Zone then option will show if you want email or SMS for reminder. If it’s SMS you need to put a valid mobile number since Google will send you a verification code. Once

May 20, 2013

Error on Cam Run Time Error!

Run Time Error Skype

I’m posting various error and taking screenshot of  pop up message on my computer and this is one of the error that comes up when I open my camera or use Skype: Run Time Error! Program: C:\Program Files\ IM Magician\qsn.exe. This application has requested the Runtime to Terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information. Okay , the error message is long and it looks like a Microsoft error as well. No recent software changes on my computer no updates and

May 19, 2013

Draytek Vigor3300 series Default Username and Password

A caller is asking what is the default password of his modem. It is a brand new modem and configuring it is very easy although the caller is not that tech savvy he can follow instruction and now basic troubleshooting when it comes to logging in to the modem page. He is on the page but the page is asking for username and password which is common to most mode/router manufacturer. Draytek is not a common modem that I set up but good thing I have my training materials and tools and was able to figure out the username and

May 18, 2013

Google Fiber 100 Times Faster Than Your Broadband Speed

Google Fiber
Are you contented with your broadband speed? Like your just an average Internet user browse Facebook, watch movie online and download something but Imagine if you can get 100 times faster on your current average connection and its all possible with  Google Fiber. It  offer an Internet connection speed 100 times faster. It all started in Kansas City and called gigabit connection it will revolutionize the web experience for chatting, streaming and video conference. It you’re going to check Pricing an Plans are posted Gigabit + TV is $120/month Gigabit Internet

May 17, 2013

Cherry Mobile E1 Let’s get back to Basic

Cherry Mobile E1
Enough of the android phone like Sonic, Spark and Hyper let’s just try a basic phone that can send SMS, call and watch TV. It’s not a touch screen or having dual core processor but this phone can be your spare phone. Let’s take a look at the specification. Dual Sim network choose two different network. Entertainment include multimedia player, Mobile TV, MP3, FM radio and Games. Connectivity include Wi-Fi, GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth and USB ports. 16GB expansion slot for the memory and Camera for capturing moments, and this phone include  Viber: Send messages, make free

May 16, 2013

Your Computer Might be At Risk on Windows XP

XP balloon pop up
It’s been a while when I boot up my Windows Xp desktop computer it still working although minor pop up messages on the screen. I’m using the Windows XP for Corel Drawing and playing basic games because for me Windows XP is the most stable operating system. Playing basic games that don’t need high end graphics card and editing windows file are my expertise. The Computer boots up fast because most of the start up items are disable but a pop up message shows up a balloon below the time and date bar. “Your Computer Might Be At Risk” Automatic Updates is

May 15, 2013

Creating an mp3 file Icon on Corel Draw

It’s been a while since I post some Corel Draw Tutorial and now I will create a very simple mp3 file icon. Windows media player has a default icon for mp3 but other player also has a default icon and this post will show you how to customize or create your own mp3 icon. Here’s how:
Create a new Corel Document and most of the mp3 player file use a square icon or folder create an object like on the image below.

May 14, 2013

HP Webcam Not Detected

HP webcam not detected
I spend almost an hour figuring out this issue a webcam on a laptop computer. It’s an HP laptop computer and the owner  reformat or run a recovery. The first thing I check is the recovery option or HP webcam software the application is not listed and I tried to check the device manager as well and no camera/imaging device. I assume that it’s a driver issue although it should be listed on device manager but downloading the software will prompt you that the camera is not detected. I’m a desktop support and camera is not part of our

May 13, 2013

Election Day and Mobile Jammers

Signal Jammers
What is mobile signal jammers? Is this possible for this device to stop the May 13 , 2013 Election?  A mobile jammer is a signal interruption device that can disturb or stop cell phone signal. It can affect the counting because we are using an automated counting machine the PCOS machine rely on signal to transmit the data to the server for counting and using a jammer can delay the transmission and can cause manipulation of the votes. Right now NTC are doing something about people selling signal jammers it is posted on the popular buy and sell

May 12, 2013

Connect To Free Wifi Network Fast

Are you always looking for free Wifi Signal and most of the time you join the network it failed and getting annoying message failed to connect to WIfi. Most of my free time I just seat to a coffee shop and access free wifi. Malls like SM Supermall and Robinsons Supermalls has free wifi access but connecting is difficult it either you cannot connect or connection is very slow. Browsing to a forum site one of the user suggested some basic settings for Wifi connection I just try it and it works sharing you the settings.

May 11, 2013

Facebook Colorful Text for Chat

Its Facebook post again and before posting some tips about Facebook lets take a look on my previous post like putting profile picture on chat or Facebook emoticons. The post is in demand in Google search as more people are curios on how to put a profile picture on chat or just use popular emoticons. Okay, its still a Facebook post and reading some threads you can put a colored text on your Facebook chat. Enough of the boring black and white text how about put a color on your chat, impress your chat

May 10, 2013

Take Care of Your Hard Drive

Hard Drive Tips
In my recent post  I show why Computer are getting Disk Read Error and now I found some handy tips to take care of your Hard Drive to avoid error and corrupted files. We all know that hard drive spin it spin thousands of times per minute and imagine if your computer is on 24/7 and it will get heated up or sometimes crash. The RPM on most common hard drive is 7200 rpm it means revolution per minute and taking care or making extra precaution will help the life of your hard drive. Here are some tips that can you can try. Never move your computer or hard

May 9, 2013

Disk Read Error Occurred CTRL+ALT+DEL

Disk Read Error
It’s a common problem for Windows a black screen containing a message Disk Read Error and pressing Control Alt and Delete will go back to the same page. So, what is happening when Disk boot error shows up is this a hardware problem or hard drive is bad? Lets break it down. Computer loads up do the normal process of booting as we all know it will boot on the disk that contains the operating system to start the Windows or OS. If the software or driver is failing that means your hardware could not detect the drive or corrupted software. Here’s the list that

May 8, 2013

Creating Apple ID without a Credit Card

Apple ID no Credit Card
If you have a Apple Device and want to get application from apple store it will ask for a Apple ID or account and creating one is free but most cases when they see the credit card details they tend to cancel the registration. Its free to create an account  although most of the apps has a certain fee downloading a free apps won’t cost you and dollar. The basic requirements are valid email address for Apple ID, Internet Connection a Personal computer /browser and iTunes software 10.x or later. Here's how

May 7, 2013

Facebook Home – Transforming you Android to Facebook phone

Facebook Home
Facebook home was released last April 12 2013 and this application replace your boring home screen. It looks like you have a Facebook phone because once you check your phone Facebook is the main page and you'll see your fb feeds. To make Facebook home more attractive a chat application is included as they have “Chat Heads” it’s a small avatar of your profile picture. The release of Facebook home last month gain a 2.3 average review on Google Play a low review since many of

May 6, 2013

Cherry Mobile Sonic – Festival 2013

Cherry Mobile Sonic
If you’re looking for a phone that is less than 3,000 php Cherry Mobile Sonic is for you. 2,999.00 is the price because of Cherry Mobile Festival 2013. The phone specification is quite good it is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Dual Sim, Camera VGA infront 2MP and a Single Core processor. May is a month of festival and Fiesta and today Cherry Mobile release new affordable phones. Try other CM phone like Spark TV, Hyper and Click. I think almost every month CM has a promo or new phone release

May 5, 2013

Multiply unable to Multiply

Multiply Dead
Friendster is not alone as another social networking site will end its service this May. Multiply is a social networking site just like Friendster it gains popularity for it content page and customizing your own profile. Adding a friends viewing a photo or its just your personal profile online. Multiply is also known for online shopping page user who are posting classified ads , products and services are affected with the website shutting down. Decrease on online activity on user and the birth of the top

May 4, 2013

2wire Default Password and Username

2Wire Modem log in
My previous blog post show how to get the default username and password of Zyxel and Buffalo Modem. Today another modem is listed  as my unknown modem. A 2Wire modem. Caller is asking How t get the username and password of 2wire. I was not able to get the exact model number but I was able tp got a supporting document for router log in. Here's the list

2wire Model Default Username Default Password

May 3, 2013

Android Phone Lock After Too Many Attempts

too many pattern attempts Android
I got a question on one of my post regarding Cherry MobileFlare Hard Reset. He is asking ”how to unlock my flare due to many pattern attempts.”  Flare is a phone from Cherry mobile and not only Cherry mobile will get this message but all the phone that is running on Android. Android has a security features like pattern lock like Windows OS you need to type a password in order to log in. Apple device and Nokia you need to type the correct password as well. Android is using a pattern technology too many attempts will lock the phone.

May 2, 2013

iPhone 5S release date?

iphone 5s picture
If Apple continue the trends of giving S on every iPhone that was released there could be an iPhone 5s. Why?  It seem Apple is into S- version 2009 when they add iPhone 3Gs to speed up the phone and 2011 S for Siri for iPhone 4. The iPhone 5  was released September last year together with its new iOS it features 4 inch 16:9, 1136x640 326ppi Retina display and data like LTE/DC-HSPA+/EVDO. So what can Iphone 5s can offer? S for Smart would it be the smartest smartphone on the planet? Or will improve the quality and feature of Siri? The only question is

May 1, 2013

Wan Configuration Connection is Empty. Netcomm

Wan Configuration Connection is Empty.
Setting up a modem is very easy you do have a wizard to guide you step by step or an auto detect that will determine your type of connection. Netcomm modem  will show you just a basic set up or a quick set up and putting the username and password from the service provider will connect you automatically. This morning a very rare case that I got from a caller who is trying to set up his modem. Clicking on Quick Setup a message will show up “Wan Configuration Connection is Empty.”  Looking on advance setting and checking the