May 8, 2013

Creating Apple ID without a Credit Card

Apple ID no Credit Card
If you have a Apple Device and want to get application from apple store it will ask for a Apple ID or account and creating one is free but most cases when they see the credit card details they tend to cancel the registration. Its free to create an account  although most of the apps has a certain fee downloading a free apps won’t cost you and dollar. The basic requirements are valid email address for Apple ID, Internet Connection a Personal computer /browser and iTunes software 10.x or later. Here's how

Open your Itunes  Software first you need to search for a free apps. Look for the search field ant type Free.
Create Apple ID Free

 The search result will give you free apps click on free application and a pop up window will show up .Click on Create Apple ID to go to the registration page.
Create Apple ID free

Accept the Term and Condition s for registration and click agree.
Terms and Condition Apple ID

Then Provide details like your email password and security information. Password is case sensitive and it requires at least one capital character. After filling up all the details click on next for the payment option don’t worry there is an option for none then type your billing address to continue. Clicking on next will create your Apple ID without the need of the credit card information.
Payment Option Apple ID

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