May 7, 2013

Facebook Home – Transforming you Android to Facebook phone

Facebook Home
Facebook home was released last April 12 2013 and this application replace your boring home screen. It looks like you have a Facebook phone because once you check your phone Facebook is the main page and you'll see your fb feeds. To make Facebook home more attractive a chat application is included as they have “Chat Heads” it’s a small avatar of your profile picture. The release of Facebook home last month gain a 2.3 average review on Google Play a low review since many of

android user are contented with current Facebook Application. Some reviews are concern about the privacy settings and many user said that it’s enough to just keep your right to privacy. Is this a point less application? It is if you are not a member or a fan of Facebook but since it has  a billion member across the globe it could be an application that you need to gain popularity. 

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