October 27, 2013

Too Many Pattern Attempts for O+ Android Phone

Android Lock
It’s always been one of major issue and search terms for Android. Too Many Pattern Attempts and it will lock your phone completely. The security feature will definitely give you option to sign in to Google Account to unlock it but what if you’re not connected to the Internet and hard reset is the only option you can think. Is there a way to lock it without losing your data for hard reset.Here is the software that I got lurking around with some forum thread (credit goes to the developer).

October 24, 2013

What’s The Best Anti-Virus Software for PC?

Security Software
I bumped on one of the popular forum thread and one user created a poll and asking What’s The Best Antivirus for PC? Let’s see the result 2077 participant and here are the choices AVAST 30.63% AVIRA 14.16% ESET Nod 35.29% KASPERSKY 19.93%. Eset Nod 32 Is number one as the best security software . Let’s find out user experience and feedback..“I select ESET because it’s easy to get free serial and username and password unlike other.” 

October 20, 2013

Who can look up your timeline by name? is Dead : Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy Settings
When it comes to security and privacy issue Facebook user are posting a lot of concern and today the settings "Who can look up your timeline is dead? Dead and settings are all gone. That means anyone can look up on your profile (timeline). People who are trying to look for you on  Facebook search can find you, yes even anonymous people who's trying to stalk you.

How can I still control the privacy on my Facebook post? Your Facebook timeline is so powerful that it can reach across the globe in just one click. Here are

October 19, 2013

Cherry Mobile Life New Life After Flare

Cherry Mobile Life
Think that Cherry Mobile Flare is affordable and called “Dual Core ng Bayan”? Well, think again let me Introduce you Cherry Mobile Life. It could be your new hope and life when it comes to Dual Core and most affordable phone in the market. The price is 2,999.00 more affordable than Flare  but specification and Internals are almost the same:


October 13, 2013

CloudFone Thrill530qx Thrilling Battery 45000 mAh

CloudFone Thrill530qx

Good news to smart phone gamer out there!, a whooping 4500 mAh battery to satisfy your gaming experience. CloudFone just announced its latest smart phone with big screen, big battery  and possibilities. Introducing CloudFone Thrill530qx a quadcore MediaTek MT6589M processor and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Big screen means 5.3” IPS qHD Ergonomic Touchscreen Display (540 x 960, 208ppi) screen is big enough for HD games and video (PowerVR SGX544MP GPU). Big battery 4500mAh Battery making sure that battery power will not be the issue on this phone. CloudFone are developing big screen

October 11, 2013

TARA – Anti-Theft Application for your Phone

TARA myPhone
TARA means Theft Apprehension & Asset Recovery  and exclusive for MyPhone. We all know that theft “mandurukot” “mandarambong”  are everywhere and this exclusive pinoy application develop for MyPhone is the best to have on your phone. The logic is simple once you activate TARA your phone will shout “magnanakaw” no one can stop it even the phone is on silent, reset the phone, reformat, flash or software update that means the phone is useless once you activate it.