October 11, 2013

TARA – Anti-Theft Application for your Phone

TARA myPhone
TARA means Theft Apprehension & Asset Recovery  and exclusive for MyPhone. We all know that theft “mandurukot” “mandarambong”  are everywhere and this exclusive pinoy application develop for MyPhone is the best to have on your phone. The logic is simple once you activate TARA your phone will shout “magnanakaw” no one can stop it even the phone is on silent, reset the phone, reformat, flash or software update that means the phone is useless once you activate it.

What’s Anti Theft Technology?
A technology that use your smartphone to report loss and even make your phone useless when you lose it. Anti Theft means protection for your phone a simple technology to prevent device security.
TARA activation and requirements?
Registration is simple you need to register using your mobile phone, Upon registration you need to have this details:

Full Name, Secondary Mobile Number, Unique 6 digit pin, Active email address.
(keep personal information for security purpose) Activation is set once your device is stolen text the following format LOCK + 6 digit pin to the SIM card number inserted on the device or call TARA hotline Globe 0917 873 5107 Sun 0925 800 8272 and Landline 847 82 72 .
TARA is available on MyPhone Agua(Android) product line, MyPhone Agua ICEBERG, MyPhone Agua Vortex, MyPhone Agua Rain, and A888 Duo.
If this technology will be successful and for sure it will and be integrated by  a GPS exact location of the phone  Anti Theft technology can became very useful to capture and lessen stolen devices. Smart phone and devices are develop to make our life easy but this devices can also cause us issue and can even put our lives in danger having this security and protection make and lead technology to the next level. Visit myPhoneTara


  1. Is it available on samsung aswell? (Tara app)

  2. no its exclusive for myphone selected models only. Its a good security feature although they called it TARA app.

  3. BKIT s myphone lng available dpt lht ng android meron...