September 27, 2013

Conexant Username and Password

Most of modem and router requires username and password and today this brand of modem is included on my list. Conexant router password list and here are some model number on my list. Access Runner ADSL console, Vulcan81010, but before we continue to the list let’s find out how to access the modem page or default access point. Here’s how you can check the default gateway. 
For Windows

Most of the router includes a Ethernet cable – a cable for connecting the computer and router.
On Windows go to Run > Type CMD and then IPCONFIG. A list will show up look for default gateway.
For Mac User
Go to Network Preferences > Click on Etherent or Wireless > advance settings then look for Router: The router will show you the number to access the router page.
Once the router and default gateway is connected we can log on to the modem to configure the modem. Here is the complete list of Conexant Default username and password.
ACCESS RUNNER ADSL CONSOLE PORT 3.27 Administrator  and Admin
Router n/a epicrouter
Router n/a admin
2-2-8-1 [   ]  conexant 
n791 [   ] conexant user password
PT-3830 admin epicrouter user password [     ] conexant
Vulcan810100 root root 
If you want to know other username and password here are some of my list. Ascom, Openwave,  Techmade, Comcast, Edimaxx, CompUSA, Sagem and  Draytek 

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