September 11, 2013

Cherry Mobile Flare Hard Reset

Cherry Mobile Hard Reset

Hard reset is your last option if your Cherry Mobile Flare is not working and In my previous post cm flare are getting an issue after dead battery I received a lot of comments about the known flare issue. The basic troubleshooting steps are remove the battery or try a different one but if all else fail you can go to Cherry Mobile service technician for repair. I know it will take weeks or even month for repair but if warranty is still up that should be your last option just make sure no hardware changes on

the phone because service technician might void the warranty. If you’re lucky and Cherry Flare is still booting up and hard reset or recovery mode is still available you might recover your phone and boot it up properly.  Here’s how:  

Turn the phone off – Make sure that battery is in full charged or at least 50%
Hold Power on and Volume up wait till a green screen appear –( Just keep holding it) if all else fail make sure your holding the Volume up and On button. 

Green Screen – the boot to recovery mode. Don’t worry about the green screen its normal then will show a black screen and recovery mode. 

Recovery Mode – Selecting the option require the up and down arrow keys use the volume up and down and power to select the option.

Android System Recovery option will show up a utility option for the phone like:

Reboot System Now – this will just restart the phone normally 

Apply update from SD card – if you want to update the phone and the update is on the memory card

Wipe all user data – this is the Hard Reset of Cherry Mobile Flare

Backup user data – if you want to back up your phone data 

Restore user data- restoring the backup files 

This is a clear instruction putting your Cherry Mobile Flare on Hard Reset or Recovery Mode

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