June 17, 2013

Sun Broadband A Tablet and Pocket Wifi for as low as 450 a month

The network that start the unlimited call and text Sun Cellular network and now has an offer a plan 450 a month with a Tablet and Pocket wifi. Get a Coby Kryos 8065  and a pocket wifi for just Plan 450. Here is the table from Sun Cellular.
Gadget Plan
Holding Period
Plan 450
35 hours
Coby Kyros 8065 and Pocket WiFi
30 mos
Plan 899
24 mos

 Plan 450 is affordable and get you on the go if you’re not a heavy internet user and the pocket wifi can connect up to 5 devices. – speed depends on the network signal. Coby Kryos 8065  specs 8” inch LCD  multi touch screen, Dual Core 1.2 Ghz processor, 1GB Ram for seamless multitasking and a Google Certified tablet. The 35 hour usage per month is enough for you to visit your favorite social networking site like facebook. 


  1. What are the requirements for this plan? Pls...reply asap

  2. if you have a credit card its easy to apply with sun plan but i Think the basic requirements that you need is payslip, id , company, Goverment id. and proof of biling

  3. What if im not working but i still have money to pay it every month