June 18, 2013

Globe 4G LTE Signal Sites in Metro Manila

This is one of the common question if you want to get a plan from Globe. Is my area has LTE signal? The LTE or 4G long term evolution a standard high speed wireless communication. It was first released by TeliaSonera in Oslo and Stockholm on December 2009. The LTE is available in the country and Network provider like Globe and Smart has their  post-paid plan for Smartphone. The 4G signal is high speed that can provide you the best wireless internet signal. In Metro Manila and details from Globe website here is the latest development on LTE signals.

Upgrading replacing all existing hardware and cell sites the upgrade will make all the cell sites more powerful and energy efficient. Before deciding to get a plan from any network make sure to check the coverage area you should experience high speed connection and never complain for something that the network cannot provide you because of infrastructure.
Globe 4G Signal Metro Manila

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