January 18, 2014

Cherry Mobile W7 compatible .vxp Games

Cherry Mobile W7 is not an Android phone that has Google play store where you can download your favorite and latest game. It doest have memory card to install large high definition game Cherry Mobile W7 is a basic phone.  A phone for making a call, text, surf and check what application is included on the phone. Before giving you games that are compatible with this phone lets take a look first on the phone specifications.


Screen Type: Full Touch LCD Entertainment Multimedia player
Mobile TV MP3
FM Radio Data Connectivity
Bluetooth CPU Proprietary
Single Core
Before selecting a .vxp games for the phone make sure we know the resolution on the games and on this post I have the list of the games all you need to do is install it on your phone.

Angry Bird Trial Version.vxp – The very popular and famous games is available for download. This version is trial.

Fruit Ninja.vxp – Slashing fruits and getting a high score is your goal on playing this game.

Viber.vxp – install and connect with your viber friends

Thunder Fighter.vxp – Remember the plane arcade game Thunder Fighter is available complete each level and impress your enemy with massive bonus fire power

Galaxy Fight.vxp – Talking about classic games Galaxy Fight is just for you
Teddy Match.vxp and Fishing Joy.vxp

Installing the game is easy connecting the USB cable on your Cherry Mobile W7 then selecting mass storage. Move the files to the drive or put directly on the phone memory.
· Download all the files here – you need a .rar program to open the file then save it on your phone.

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  1. is cherry mobile W18 downloadable for games??pls. help!