January 17, 2014

Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset

Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset
It’s not a new phone from Cherry Mobile but based on Google search and impression on my website Cherry Mobile Sonic Hard Reset or factory reset is the most common search terms and I will provide you a resolution about this problem. Flare is still the top search term when it comes to resetting it to factory default. Let’s take a look on the CM Sonic specification

I posted the specs here on Cherry Mobile Festival 2013

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Dual SIM/Dual Standby

AndroidSingle CoreCamera: Dual 2MP (MAIN) VGA (Front)

Expansion Slot: microSD up to 32GB  Screen Type: Capacitive

A very affordable phone that suits your needs and you have to know the basic troubleshooting steps when it comes to resolving the issue. Although, hard reset is not recommended and I suggest doing this as the last option and make sure to back up your file. Steps on resetting the phone to factory default.
Turn the phone off
Connect the USB cable – Yes, cable is required while resetting the phone
Press the power and up Volume button – Recovery mode will appear
Select recovery or the option using the volume up and down
It’s a sure wipe out of the data and you can modify or root the phone which is not recommended because it might void the warranty. The steps above are  sure resolution when it comes to commonly known issue on Cherry Mobile Sonic. Hard reset and Flare is the top search term here on lintechnology.

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  1. My Phone is Down Firmware. Now Power On Andoid icon to stop.
    What is this do my phone.

    Model- Q370
    Version - 4.2