January 12, 2014

C:\part-setup_ais-ffffffff.vpx Avast Set up Error

Avast Error  Fatal Error
The beauty of security software is to get your computer secured and worry free operating system but what if security software is the one creating the issue or conflict on your OS. On my recent post Avast Set up Error I received a comment that removing the program and installing it did not worked well. The Anonymous user posted a link of forum that resolved his issue lets find out how.

The issue: After the upgrade of Avast7 free to Avast8 free the message shows up. C:\part-setup_ais-ffffffff.vpx The user troubleshoots the issue by uninstalling the software on SAFEMODE and run aswclear.exe he used CCleaner to check or delete the registry. He said that Avast8 runs perfectly fine running update and scanning the system but every time he installs software the same error message shows up. The user needs help badly as he doesn’t want to perform system recovery on the system.
The thing about the error is like a protected file on Windows that is causing the problem and finding the cause is an easy trick. A file named “program” is on the root directory. You will not not see this program because it’s protected and hidden. To view hidden and protected files on Windows just follow this step.
Open a folder > Toolbar> Tools> Folder Options> View Tab and look for View Hidden Files and Folders

Restart the computer to SAFEMODE
Once the option is set you can now see the file name called “program” Delete and restart the computer and the pop up message from Avast8 will not show up again.


  1. Check "Hidden Files and Folders" and uncheck "Hide protected Operating system files" so you won't need to reboot in Safemode and use Unlocker to delete the file if it's undeletable..

    1. I don't have a protected/hidden file called program and I am getting the same error. PLEASE HELP!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Anonymous user. Cheers..

  3. Wow, I went through so much garbage and it was so simple to fix. Thanks for the help!