April 20, 2013

Opera Mini on Your Cherry Mobile Phone

Opera Mini Cherry
Opera browser is  my browsing application for YouTube and forum site it load much faster and I like the interface. Opera Mini browser is the version on mobile for and other can get a free internet with tips and tricks to tweak the settings. Different version of the browser allows you to put settings such as proxy, port and server name. Modifying   the settings allow user to connect to the Internet for free. Service provider like Globe, Smart and Sun has a settings for connecting to the internet. You can have your Opera Mini browser on you r Cherry Mobile phone here’s how:

April 18, 2013

Hard Drive Icon Using Corel Draw

hard drive Icon on Corel Draw
Hard drive icon is common on every computer  Mac and Windows has its own version and design. Windows C drive is the most common partition on the Windows OS. The version of operating system also update or upgrade its icon from windows XP to tile version of Windows 8. I have my own version of hard drive icon using Corel Draw tutorial and here’s how.

Create a new Corel Draw document. Hard drive

April 17, 2013

Watch Local TV Shows Replay ABS - CBN ,GMA Apple Apps

Local TV show replay
I am browsing for free application on Itunes when I saw an application for Philippine Local TV show replay. This is for apple devices like  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.The app is develop by Deck Villa. It’s a very simple application to watch local TV shows from ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. Although most of the video are hosted on popular sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Youku, Tudou, zShare, Vimeo and it might be deleted without notice. It’s a very interesting application if you want to keep in touch with your local TV shows. This application is very useful if

April 16, 2013

Cherry Pad Connecting a USB dongle

A laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone is useless if it’s not connected to the Internet and local Internet Service Provider gives a wireless service like having a USB dongle. Cellphone network like Globe Tattoo, Smartbro power plug it and Sun Broadband are compatible with Cherry Pad. Here’s how to connect the dongle.

  1.  Connect the 3G stick using  OTG cable
  2.  Go to settings > others > Mobile networks
  3.  Check access point names for Globe APN: 

April 15, 2013

Profile Management on Globe Tattoo Dashboard –Sun and Smart

Broadband Stick Dashboard
Profile management on Globe tattoo stick is an options to change any access point, Profile name and APN. I only have one stick  which is Globe Tattoo but I can put three sim cards network like Sun Broadband and Smart. If you want to unlock the prepaid stick you can use a certain software you just need to get your IMEI code which is on the stick. Changing the APN is easy here’s the list

Globe APN settings:

April 14, 2013

Creating a Gmail Icon on Corel Draw

Gmail Icon Corel Draw Tutorial
I created icons like Facebook , YouTube and Google Chrome on Corel Draw and today I will create a gmail icon. The icon is plain and simple an envelope mail I’m a gmail user because of security features and you can integrate it with other Google service. The Corel Draw Tutorial today will show the basic shapes, color and trick on creating a Gmail Icon.  Here’s how:

Create a new Corel Draw document.

April 13, 2013

Toshiba Satellite U500-18K Shutdown Problem

Toshiba Shutdown problem
Joining a forum regarding Computer hardware and software troubleshooting is fun you can suggest a step that could help the thread starter resolve the issue. This morning I join a thread regarding a Toshiba Satellite Laptop U500-18K shutting down. The laptop is already out of warranty and thread starter  knows how to troubleshoot as he did almost everything on the laptop. Laptop boots up but when it is goes to Windows Loading it automatically shuts down. Here’s what he did on the laptop

April 12, 2013

Creating a Facebook Icon on Corel Draw

facebook icon on corel draw
Everybody knows this Icon a clear blue and a letter “F.” Facebook dominates the social networking site with a billion users all over the world. It almost kills your time reading and liking your friends post and sharing viral videos that can reach the other part of the world. Facebook is your personal profile online. It’s an online world to get in touch with friends and families. Today I have created my own Facebook Icon using Corel Draw. Here’s how. Create a new Corel document.

April 11, 2013

Netgear DGN 3700 Wireless Screenshot

netgear genie screenshot
This is a very helpful tool if you're a technical support or a helpdesk. A simulator or a screenshot of the modem, software , application or document. Today, I got a Netgar DGN 3700 Wireless and caller is asking for help in setting up the modem. If you're doing this everyday you can guide the caller to set up without the help of a screenshot. Most modems like Netcomm, Dlink and older version of Netgear has a setup wizard or basic setup guide. New models of Netgear has a Netgear genie that will guide you on setting up the internet. If you’re

April 10, 2013

Default Username and Password for Zyxel Modem

Zyxel Default Username and Password
A caller today asked me how to set up his modem I reply with a very confident tone then suddenly he provide a brand that I'm not familiar. Zyxel Modem is the name and setting it up is a simple task but getting basic information like username and password is difficult. The basic steps are needed to access the modem interface and getting the default gateway is easy if the customer is using Windows OS. Just like the Buffalo modem  I found  a supporting document for Zyxel Modem. The modem uses different username and password combination

April 9, 2013

Globe Tattoo SpeedTest Lipa City Batangas

Globe Tattoo Speedtest Lipa
This is a series of post regarding speedtest I’m done with Globe Tattoo Speedtest in Ayala Avenue, Makati City and right now I’m going to run a test here in Batangas. The speedtest will determine if I’m going to get a Globe Tattoo postpaid plan or Sun Internet. The dashboard show 3G Globe with 69-74% signal strength. Connecting the dashboard shows 3G signal to HSDPA 74% signal the signal flickers to 3G and HSPDA. Lets run a first speed test. Selecting the server based on ping

April 8, 2013

Google Chrome Reveal Your Password

Google Chrome Password Manager
I am using a personal computer and most of my password are stored on the browser. Using Google Chrome and password manager it’s very easy for me to just log in to my site like Facebook, Google + or mail services. This morning log out my Facebook account and it still show my password but in **** I’m curious and searching if there’s a way to check the password. I found a solution and here’s how.

Go to tools Developer tools on Google Chrome.

April 7, 2013

Cherry Mobile Warranty

Cherry mobile warranty policy
A lot of people complain about certain gadgets quality. They will purchase an affordable gadgets but not sure about the quality. That’s why we have certain warranties for each product. The most affordable phone in the country which is Cherry Mobile has its Warranty Policy and today I will discuss each policy.

Two Categories of in warranty units.
A.      7 days DOA (Dead on Arrival Unit)
For defective units which fall under the “7 Days DOA Warranty Policy” (from the date of

April 6, 2013

Cheap CCTV for Home and Business

CCTV cheap security
I was walking on my way home when  I saw a man installing a CCTV on his local store. The shop is a small office  supplies and most of the time he is alone. I got curious and asked him how much is the CCTV set up he said that it's  just a regular webcam. He is just using a software called vitamind it is a monitoring software for home and business use. The software detects people and moving objects . The software runs on  Mac and Windows and the set up  is very  easy. A regular webcam can be used and I check the device it’s a Wireless