April 14, 2013

Creating a Gmail Icon on Corel Draw

Gmail Icon Corel Draw Tutorial
I created icons like Facebook , YouTube and Google Chrome on Corel Draw and today I will create a gmail icon. The icon is plain and simple an envelope mail I’m a gmail user because of security features and you can integrate it with other Google service. The Corel Draw Tutorial today will show the basic shapes, color and trick on creating a Gmail Icon.  Here’s how:

Create a new Corel Draw document.

Add an Object Rectangle Tool (F6)
Gmail Layout

Using the shape tool transform the edges as shown on the image below.

Gmail Icon Tutorial Shape Tool

Draw a  ruler guide  and draw a 2 point line tool to create a envelop shape.
Add another line under the 2 point line tool. Adjust the hairline to 30px to give a bold effect.
Gmail Icon Tutorial Shape Tool and 2 point lineGmail Icon Tutorial 30x line

Using the smart fill tool fill all the space as shown on the image below.
Change the color fill to white and Order the layer to as shown below.
Gmail Icon Tutorial Corel Smart fill

Add another 2 point line below for the shadow effect color it dark grey using the smart fill tool. Change the line color to red. 
Corel Draw Icon Tutorial

This is my own Gmail icon on Corel Draw hope you learn basic tools on Corel. You can also visit my other post like Shining Shadow Effect on Corel Draw Tutorial 
Gmail Icon Corel Draw

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