April 15, 2013

Profile Management on Globe Tattoo Dashboard –Sun and Smart

Broadband Stick Dashboard
Profile management on Globe tattoo stick is an options to change any access point, Profile name and APN. I only have one stick  which is Globe Tattoo but I can put three sim cards network like Sun Broadband and Smart. If you want to unlock the prepaid stick you can use a certain software you just need to get your IMEI code which is on the stick. Changing the APN is easy here’s the list

Globe APN settings:

Postpaid - internet.globe.com.ph
Prepait - http.globe.com.ph

Smart Bro APN settings:

Postpaid - smartbro
Prepaid - smartbro

Sun APN settings

Postpaid - minternet
Prepaid - minternet

Broadband stick IMEI location: 

Broadband stick IMEI location Globe

Then access the dashboard Under Tools > options and Profile Network
Change each settings on the specified Network and once you plug the a dongle with a valid sim card it should show the signal. 
Globe Tattoo Dashboard Profile

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