April 16, 2013

Cherry Pad Connecting a USB dongle

A laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone is useless if it’s not connected to the Internet and local Internet Service Provider gives a wireless service like having a USB dongle. Cellphone network like Globe Tattoo, Smartbro power plug it and Sun Broadband are compatible with Cherry Pad. Here’s how to connect the dongle.

  1.  Connect the 3G stick using  OTG cable
  2.  Go to settings > others > Mobile networks
  3.  Check access point names for Globe APN: 

http.globe.com.ph or internet.globe.com.ph for SMART its SMART internet and SUN is minternet  
4.   Check Data Enabled
5.   Signal bar and 3G icon will be seen in the lower right portion of the screen once network is connected

Most of the broadband model from Globe, Smart and Sun are compatible with Cherry Pad. I’m using Globe Tattoo  3G dongle and running speedtest on different location to show how reliable my connection using the prepaid stick. If your using an open line dongle you should add a profile to each network on your dashboard. Here's how to set up the profile management on your broadband stick dongle. 

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