August 25, 2013

Ping Command for Globe Tattoo

ping Globe Tattoo

I’m a Globe tattoo user and one of challenge on having  a broadband stick connection Is getting a stable connection. VPN connection have some ping command to manually ping a website. Globe tattoo profile has a basic connection and the speed that my getting on different location is also posted on my blog.  If you want to manually ping a website I will show you how. Open the command prompt and type the following command ping –t (replace

August 24, 2013

Understanding iCloud

iCloud What is it
What is iCloud? How do I use it.? If you are an Apple user or you will always have an iCloud apps on your phone and using this service is very helpful. iCloud is a cloud-based service or Internet once you log on to your cloud you can see option like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safair ,Notes,Passbook, Photo stream, Documents data and Find my iPhone. Those are the things that iCloud can sync and back up. The cloud can sync or store the data and if you lost or

August 23, 2013

My Phone Cannot Receive SMS

Globe SMS issue

I was browsing to Globe website and found a troubleshooting flow. Various issue and problems are on the site and today lets look at SMS issues. Troubleshooting for cannot receive SMS the site will ask you some question a yes or no. Here’s the flow of troubleshooting. Are you currently out of the country?  Do you have a signal?  Please switch off your mobile for 30 seconds, then switch it back on to refresh its network connection. After restarting your Mobile, were you able to receive SMS?   Check your phone settings.

August 22, 2013

Globe GoUnli30 Call,text,Plus Unli Chat using 7 Apps

GoUnli30 globe
New promo from Globe the leader in postpaid network. GlobeUnli30 for prepaid it’s a promo or unli period for a day unlimited calls, text and apps like Viber, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Whats App, Gmessage and FB Message. The promo will cost you 30php. To subscribe, text GOUNLI30 to 8888 or dial *143# and choose GoSakto. There's also a chat-only option, where you just get free access to the 7 apps. Just text UNLICHAT25 to 8888. Since most of us uses

August 21, 2013

Avast Setup Fatal Error

avast fatal error

Installing a software is just like a breeze (following on screen instruction and clicking on go, next or ok) but when an error comes up that’s the time you need to think what went wrong? Installing or setting up Avast Setup Fatal error. Error Reading product data from “C:\part-setup_ais-fffffff.vpx”.setup cannot continue. That’s the exact message that shows up after initializing the set up. Installing another program might affect the security software and cause it to be

August 20, 2013

Save Battery Life for Android

Save Android Battery Life

 A lot of articles regarding saving your battery life for Smartphone and most of the time you need to install application to monitor usage and battery life. Today, I will give you some method that you can try since I’m using an Android phone and always online I can give you some tricks and tips to maximize your battery life. Here it is. Phone that is connected online consume a lot of power 3G, 4G or Wifi. Turn your Wifi 3G network off use it when necessary. Adjust the screen time out to

August 19, 2013

vxp games for MRE supported phones

vxp games for phones
If you are looking for games and application for your phone and having a hard time installing it you might have a MRE phone. Androids phones and application are everywhere and downloading an application is not a problem since you have Google Play, store or any website that will bring you Androids application. MRE stands for (MAUI Runtime Environment)  if you have China phones or Cherry Mobile phones that support .mre/.mrp you can download games here I will provide

August 18, 2013

How to Share Instagram Photo to Facebook Iphone

Facebook and Instagram

Instagram is a great photo sharing network and if you’re a Facebook user and wants to integrate Instagram post its possible with this simple steps. When posting a photo on Instagram it will ask if you want to share it on Facebook to keep your privacy. Here is how to change the settings on Instagram app. Launch the Instagram app from the iPhone home screen. Tap on the profile icon and tap on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Under preferences

August 17, 2013

Ascom Default Username and Password

Ascom is a Swiss company for wireless communication products and getting the username and password is easy. The current model that I is the Ascotel PBX ALL and default username is (none) but the default password is 3ascotel. Only one model is listed on my documents but planning to update it as soon as I get other model if there is. Other default modem password and username.

August 16, 2013

How To Create A Group Chat with Facebook Iphone and Ipad

facebook chat

One of the features on Facebook is the chat and on personal computer group chat is possible but how about on Iphone or Ipad? Here’s the step on how to create a group chat on Facebook. Launch the Facebook app from the Home Screen. In the upper right corner tap on the menu icon to show the chat bar. At the top of the list tap on the Create a Group Chat option and you can select the name or search the person you want to be on the group. Once everyone is on the

August 15, 2013

Screen Capture on OS X Print Screen

Screen Capture OS X

I’m a Windows OS user and running a MAC OS X requires me more time to explore the Operating system. One features on Windows that I commonly used is screen capture or print screen. It is a tool to capture the current screen and paste it on MSpaint to modify, edit and save the picture  The first thing that I look for on Mac OSX  is the screen capture and here’s how to capture screen on OS X. The default keyword shortcut  SHIFT + COMMAND + 3 or SHIFT +

August 14, 2013

Cherry Mobile Cosmos S Price and Specs

Cherry Mobile Cosmos S

Cherry Mobile is releasing a COSMOS family of Android smartphones and today I was able to check their main website and see another COSMOS release. COSMOS X2 is a very good and affordable but let’s breakdown the latest one COSMOS S.- The phone runs on Android latest OS JellyBean 4.2, 1.5 GHz quadcore MediaTek MT6589 processor for multitasking and faster phone performance. The Cosmos S is packed with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and powerVR SGX544 graphics display

August 13, 2013

Opera Mini and Sun Internet

Opera Mini and Sun
A browser that makes your browsing experience faster that before Opera Mini from Sun. You can download it for free at http://m.opera/com. or from Google play or Itunes browsing rate charge will apply. Why surf with Opera Mini? 1. Opera Mini is 6 times faster than your usual browser and can pick among the most affordable iLoads (Sun Internet timed based plans) Here are some FAQ’s for Opera Mini Can I use opera mini on my phone? – You must have a compatible phone with an

August 12, 2013

Manage Marketplace Hub on your Win7 phone

Marketplace hub is like your Apple Store or Google play this application can manage application, games and download it directly to your phone. Today we will show how to manage Markeplace hub on Win7 phone. To browse for apps click on to any main category: Nokia Collection apps, games To search for apps click on the magnifying glass.  Enter app for searching apps once search result show you the application click on the

August 11, 2013

Reduce the heat of your Notebook Computer

laptop heat

 I’m using my notebook computer almost 6 hours a day and most of the time I can feel the heat coming from the sink and underneath the notebook computer. There are precaution and things that can be done to avoid overheat here are some of my suggestion for your laptop or notebook computer. 1. Make sure that the computer is well ventilated, never place it on a bed or something soft that can trap the heat. 2. Use a notebook cooler fan – It’s a USB powered fan that can generate air or cooling

August 10, 2013

Managing Safari Browser

Safari Browser

If you’re an Apple user your default browser is SAFARI and today I’m going to explore basic setting and option about the browser. Navigating to the browser settings is easy you need to go to homescreen and select setting look for the label Safari. The General settings this settings includes setting up search engine, turning on autofill for names password and personal information. Privacy Setting this is the common option I explore this on all of my browser the first option is the “Private

August 9, 2013

Setting Up Air Gesture for Jelly Bean 4.2

Jellybean Gestures
Air Gesture is just like a little trick on your phone where you can navigate the phone by just using a swipe of your hand over the air. Today, I’m going to set it up on my phone here’s how: Go to Settings. Tap motion and gestures then click on enable Air Gestures – Control your phone by making a specific gestures with your hand above the sensor.  Motion- Control your device by making natural movements like putting the device to your ear to call a contact directly. Palm motion – Control the device by

August 8, 2013

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 – for your Cosmic experience

The new phone from Cherry mobile is loaded with the latest operating system Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor, Cortex-A7 for faster and multitasking process. AMOLED HD screen giving you a very vibrant and more alive colors. Dual sim but this phone has a regular and micro sim. 18MP autofocus camera with BSI led flash. Memory Internal memory 1GB RAM 16GB internal  storage and up to 32GD expansion. A new and

August 7, 2013

OpenWave Router Default Username and Password

OpenWave Modem

The list of unknown router default username and password is growing and today I have another router feature. OpenWave it’s not a microwave oven it’s a Router and good thing I have a default username . Open wave Model WAP Gateway Any and MSP. Wap Gateway Default username is sys and the default password is uplink. MSP Any username is cac_admin and the password is cacadmin.

August 6, 2013

Save the Snail – A great Physics Game

Save The Snail HD Game

I’m not in to Apple apps game but when I saw this fun Physics game I get addicted and game play is fun. Like any other physics game you are required to save a bird or any other animals and on this game it’s a Snail – Save the Snail are available on Apple iPhone and iPads. The game is brought you by ALDA games it a puzzle game where you need to protect the snail against dangerous traps. The game features 24 level, easy to

August 5, 2013

How to Set Up a Portable Hotspot on Win7 Phone

One of the features of smartphone nowadays if having a portable hotspot. A hotspot is an option on the phone where you can make your mobile as a modem/router. It’s very convenient since you can connect to the Internet in an instant and as a router you can connect device on your mobile phone. Windows 7 hotspot option is very accessible here’s how. Click on settings, Click on Internet Sharing and Turn the Internet Sharing on. Then Click on Setup.

August 4, 2013

Activating Globe Phone Internet

If you are using a smartphone the first thing that you need to know is how to Activate the phone Internet most of the phone nowadays  are pre configure. The moment your turn the phone on and search for the network it will automatically set the Internet Settings on your phone. Globe network has a service that will provide and give you the phone configuration if it’s not set Here’s how Send SMS GO to 2951. Example GO send it to 2951.  Automatic configuration will be send

August 3, 2013

Sun Broadband Laptop Plans

 Browsing to the leader in unlimited service website Sun Broadband brings a new deals when it comes to data or Internet Plan. Tablet and phones are handy but when it comes to school project, office work and online game nothing beat having your own personal computer or laptop. Sun Broadband has a Laptop plan for as low as 999 per month. Here are the detail about the plan. 

August 2, 2013

USB Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

Personal USB flashdrive and computer can be prone to Viruses and harmful files. A security software is needed to detect and clean your computer. I have a personal computer and making sure that all my files are free from infection but I used my personal USB for work and most of the time I don’t have a my own personal computer at the office and when I came home I got this Virus. USB Flash Drive Shortcut Virus my files are on my USB drive but when I view the files It not

August 1, 2013

Speed Up your Ping Test

If you are a gamer you need a fast and reliable Internet Connection and for me I have an Acceptable ping test result. The result is based on it is an Acceptable result but will likely suffer some difficulty playing online game. I was browsing one of my favorite forum and a user suggested to try some tweak to speed up your Ping Test result.  Here’s how 
 Start > Run > regedit 

 Then look for :