August 11, 2013

Reduce the heat of your Notebook Computer

laptop heat

 I’m using my notebook computer almost 6 hours a day and most of the time I can feel the heat coming from the sink and underneath the notebook computer. There are precaution and things that can be done to avoid overheat here are some of my suggestion for your laptop or notebook computer. 1. Make sure that the computer is well ventilated, never place it on a bed or something soft that can trap the heat. 2. Use a notebook cooler fan – It’s a USB powered fan that can generate air or cooling
system. 3. Change the power option here’s how for Windows7 go to Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advance Power Settings look for Processor power management and maximum processor state On battery and Plugged in change the plugged in in to lower value like 80 or 95%. Hope that little trick do the work to Reduce the heat of your notebook/laptop computer.

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