July 31, 2013

Getting RCBC myWallet Card

RCBC myWallet
I love how Technology works and today I will share you my experience getting an RCBC myWallet Card. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation offer prepaid card or VISA card and since I’m earning a small amount online I decided to get Visa card from RCBC is a prepaid wallet card. July 29, 2013 Monday around 9 am I went to RCBC ADB Malayan Branch and a staff greeted me with a smile as I inquire about MyWallet Card she point me to New Account department and provide me details

July 30, 2013

How To Set Up Email on your Gingerbread Android

Android phone has an option to set up multiple emails and today I’m setting up an Email on my Android Ginger Bread Operating System. It is always handy to set up personal email on the default application and here’s how: Go to Email a screen will show up and asking for the email address and password. Clicking on next will automatically sync all the email to the phone.. Under email account option Email check frequently is

July 29, 2013

Starmobile Flirt – Flirting design that suits you

starmobile flirt

An Android phone name Flirt from Starmobile available in red and blue with 132 X 66.6 X 9.5mm dimension. Let’s breakdown the technical specification on Flirt. An Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1.0 GHz Dual Core MTK6577processor, 4.5” IPS capacitive touchscreen. Network GSM/1800 MHz External Memory up to 32GB Expandable memory. Most of the service and application are available on PlayStore. Supports Audio: Mp3/AMR/OGG/WAV and MPEG 4/AVI/3GP for video.

July 28, 2013

Setting up ZTE F188-HSDPA MMS over GPRS on Sun

 ZTE F188-HSDPA MMS over GPRS on Sun

Setting up MMS and Data for a service provider is automatic most of the time they will send you the configuration and all you need to do is save it.  I found a document on how to Set up up ZTE F188-HSDPA MMS over GPRS on Sun Network and here’s how: Press Menu Settings select the handset option then go to handset options and Access point settings the press add Name: Sun MMS APN: mms Authentication: none 

July 27, 2013

Sun Broadband Power Plans Data plan just right for You

Sun Power Plan
Sun Broadband has a new Power Plans as low as 250 per month you can get a 226 surfing hours and device choices. Here’s what’s the new offer from the world leader in unlimited service.  Two power plan option are available
Plan       Consumable Value          Additional Bonus Hours
Plan 250               P250                        10 hours
Plan 450               P450                      25 hours

July 26, 2013

How to Change Network Setting to 3G

If your OS is Android and running on Ice Cream Sandwich here’s how to Change the Network Setting to 3G. From the home screen, go to settings You will then reach Wireless and Networks. Once in, click on more settings. Then click on Mobile Networks. Click the use packet data tick box to enable data access  over a mobile network. A another screen will show and then click on the Network Mode. The option is very helpful

July 25, 2013

Techmade Default Username and Password

techmade username

It’s not the first time that I post a router username and password and today I got another one the brand is Techmade TM-ART25GSU. Like other brand/model that I post I have the default username and password for the router and it is admin/admin. If you want to view the list of previous post about router and modem click on each name Comacast, Edimaxx, CompUSA, Sagem, 3COM, Draytek, 2wire. The document that i

July 24, 2013

iPhone 4 apps won’t delete and stuck in waiting

I’m trying to update my apps on my iPhone and it just stop on waiting mode although internet is active since I’m on Facebook updating my profile but the waiting stays for 15 min already. After being stuck on waiting mode I try to delete them but no success at all. Is this major problem on Iphone or just my phone I made some research and here’s the solution. Go to  Settings-General-Usage-Click on the app that is stuck and delete it. Now you can go into the App Store and

July 23, 2013

CMOS Date/Time Not Set

CMOS BAttery
Booting up your computer then a message shows up on CMOS Screen CMOS Date/Time Not Set.  I have a desktop computer that will always show up the message. Press f2 to run set up F1 to load default values and continue. The main reason of this is desktop computer use a battery to keep the time and date updated and if the battery is drain it will result to CMOS issue or problem. It will continue to boot up but the its very annoying setting up your system time and

July 22, 2013

Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 - A fire in the Sky

What’s with the new Cherry Mobile phone Skyfire? Let’s check and breakdown the specification. It has the latest OS from Android Jelly Bean, 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core for multitasking. Dual Sim a Cherry Mobile trademark 5”qHD Scratch Resistant Screen for HD games and movies. Memory 1GB Ram and 4GB Internal Storage and Micro SD expansion slot up to 32GB. The battery is a 2000mAH. The phone is quite good since it has the latest OS and Quad Core processor it will be another affordable phone from

July 21, 2013

Setting Up Facebook on Windows Phone

Facebook on Windows7 phone
Facebook is a very popular social networking sites and with its latest statistics the current member is billion. Unlike Android application where you can download and update the Facebook application on Windows Phone you need to set up your Facebook Account and here’s how. Go to Settings Email plus Accounts then click on Add Account Option will show up like Windows Live,Outlook, Nokia Mail, Yahoo Mail, Google Facebook and Twitter. Click on Facebook and it will ask for your username and password. “Well add your Facebook

July 20, 2013

SM Malls Limit the Wifi Usage to 1 hour

sm wifi limit 1 hour
Okay, I don’t know if it’s a good news or bad news but let’s break down why. SM malls like any other malls offer a free Wifi service and jus recently I was hanging out waiting for a friend at SM megamall I try to connect to Free Wifi service when I got a message time remaining pop up. It’s like a counter of your Internet Usage. I raised my eyebrows to think the hell this is only time that I will try again the SM wifi connection since most of the time I cannot connect and today is

July 19, 2013

How to Connect to Wifi from your Android device.

Android Wifi

The first word that came out on my mind when I got an Android device was “cool” amazing feature and touchscreen smartphone. I’m used to old style classic keypads from Nokia and having a touch screen Android device is the next big thing. Android evolves to different version and as far as I know it has eight Operating system release let me check if I still remember the names. First one is Cupcake, Donut, Éclair , Froyo, Gingerbread , Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and the latest on Jelly Bean. Okay we know

July 18, 2013

Globe New promo Mail20plus

Mail20 Globe
 I was browsing one of my favorite news site and I saw an advertisement about Unlimited surfing. Big company network like Sun, Globe and Smart are offering affordable promo. Globe has it SAKTO prom to fits your needs and checking their latest Mail20plus. It’s a combination of websites or application that you might need sites like Facebook – popular and biggest social networking site. Yahoo and Gmail email services that keep you in touch with your personal emails and

July 17, 2013

How To Check Data Usage from Jelly Bean 4.2

Usage for Jelly Bean
It is important to check your data usage on your phone and on this post I will show you how to check the data usage. The post is for Android Jelly Bean 4.2 Here’s how click or tap the settings from connection, go to more settings go to data usage a prompt will show up and contains the following message. “Your mobile data connection will be disable when the specified limit is reached. Data usage is measured by your phone, and service provider may account usage differently, so consider using a conservative limit” The

July 16, 2013

Use BPI ATM to pay Globe Bills and Purchase Prepaid.

BPI and Globe
The BPI  ATM is not just a regular ATM card to withdraw your money. The card can also be used for paying bills and loading your Globe prepaid mobile phones. It’s an hassle free transaction anytime anywhere no need for long lines paying bills. No hassle of loading your Globe mobile phone you can access the BPI Express Payment System (EPS). Log in on line for the transaction or use you phone for app transaction. I’m have an BPI ATM and using it for my payroll and for me I use it a lot online since I can view

July 15, 2013

Starmobile Knight – A shining Knight for You

starmobile knight
I was browsing to one of my favorites phone website when I came across with this phone. It’s not an iPhone, not A Samsung but it’s an Android. Starmobile got a New Phone and Its called Knight a 4.7” Android Jelly Bea n with Corning glass and HD display. What is Corning Glass it is a visually stunning, light weight and highly damaged resistant glass. Here is the Technical Specification for Starmobile Knight. External Memory up to 32GB Micro SD Internal Memory ROM 4GB, RAM 1GB Weight 120g Camera Rear 18 Mega pixels With

July 14, 2013

Facebook Graph Search and Privacy

Facebook Graph Search
What is Facebook Graph Search it’s a Facebook search engine where you can see a graph of  your friend and everything your friend shared on Facebook. Here are the sample about graph search If you have a friend who live in Tokyo and wants to search photos in Tokyo it will list all your friend that has a tag in Tokyo. Friend who are in a band, like dancing and different activities. It’s a new tools in Facebook to interact with other although privacy is the main concern on

July 13, 2013

Globe SIM PUK retrieval – SIM lock function

SIM lock function and asking for a PUK.? If you avail a Globe prepaid SIM card it has a PUK code on  it If the SIM was lock you can use it to unlock. The phone will ask for a certain code that is included on the back of the SIM packaging you need to put this code and make sure to type it correctly. Globe postpaid SIM don’t have any packaging for the SIM since it was directly purchased from Globe store and if you need the PUK call the customer service hotline. Make sure to call

July 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 No Outbound Calls White Screen issue

My friend got a new Samsung Galaxy S4 and he is pretty excited about the new phone and downloaded and install bunch of application on it. The phone runs perfectly until he try to call someone. He told me that when he is calling or making an outbound call it just show a blank white screen. Basic troubleshooting is done like restarted the phone several times, removed reattached the SIM and SD card, check the settings but it looks like normal. I ask him if he try to use the phone when no application was installed and he told me

July 11, 2013

Sun Wifi Stick for your Car

Sun Car Wifi
A wireless connection is necessary you can pick up a wireless signal anywhere. Malls, schools, establishment and even your self can be a hotspot but what about turning your car in to a hotspot. Sun broadband give us the first WiFi stick and a USB adaptor for your car. It’s a plan from SUN and get a free USB car adaptor It’s a perfect hotspot for your car Here are the plan from SUN.

July 10, 2013

Comcast Default Router Password

Is an Internet Service Provider from US and this modem is included on my list for default username and password. Comcast has two models WCG200-CC and CG814WG-comcast. Just like regular modem you need a log in to configure the settings. The settings are needed for the modem to authenticate the certain credential will notify the service provider. Here is the username list for Comcast Router

Model WCG200-CC username Comcast password 1234.  CG814WG-comcast just type the password

July 9, 2013

Facebook Chat Host a New way to Communicate

facebook chat room
Facebook is working on Chat Room just like popular Android and Apple application like Line and Wechat . Its looks like Facebook is working to make people stay longer on the popular Social media site. It could have a room for group chats you can meet new people and make new friends. It look like Facebook is trying to compete with SMS just like the mentioned application the stickers and emoticons are fun and millions are using the application, will Facebook stay on top of this.

July 8, 2013

Google Working on Video game Console

If Internet Giant Google will create a game console what would we expect. We all know Google owns Android and Android app provides good and high quality game but what if they focus on Game Console if the rumor is true will they compete with Apple TV since Apple might release a gaming console as well. It seems that Google is making a move to be a top company when it comes to technology. The question is will Google create the hardware design of the gaming

July 7, 2013

Sun Broadband MyWifi Keep you Connected

Broadband stick nowadays are main source of internet access although your smartphone can be a wifi hotspot but you cannot compare a wireless broadband pocket can do and now Sun broadband the leader in unlimited promo has an offer. Sun broadband myWifi. The device can connect up to 5 gadgets and you can carry It anytime anywhere here is the plan.

July 6, 2013

Moto X a New way to Design A Smartphone

Moto X
Is it true that we can design our own phone?  Moto X will make it happen according to the tech news blog it would be a hit it the market although a marketing strategy on what we can do on smartphones. It’s like customizing a computer like RAM, Storage and processor but the question is do you need to be technical to have a Moto X – A designed Smartphone. The Moto X will give user or consumer a touch of ownership because of the option on how to

July 5, 2013

How to Set Up GPRS in your Android Device.

Android GPRS
GPRS or any type of connection on your Android device should work without any problem and for me we should learn to set it up and configure each settings and here’s how to configure GPRS to Android phones. Go to MENU> Settings> Wireless and Networks>
 Mobile Networks> Check Data Enabled> Choose your preferred APN
For Candy and Candy Chat:   Menu> Settings> Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks>

July 4, 2013

Edimaxx default Router Password

Another unknown router modem  on the list and its and Edimaxx. Setting up the modem is easy but certain requirement needs to have in order to log in save the setting and connect online and for edimaxx router here are the common username and password
AR7000    root     root
Wi-Fi_ADSL2+    admin     epicrouter
BR-6304K    admin     1234
EW-7209APG    blank     blank
AR-7084gA    admin     admin

July 3, 2013

Change Globe Tattoo Dashboard Background

Globe Tattoo Broadband Dashboard
I’m a Globe Tattoo broadband user and opening the application every time will show you a boring dashboard of Globe Tattoo. The broadband application or dashboard can be updated but if you are stuck in an old skin of Globe Tattoo and want to change it here’s how. A very simple steps and no software needed to install all you need to do is locate the image and change it. The broadband is installed in All Programs in windows here’s the path

July 2, 2013

New Folder on Right Click is Missing

Windows shortcut keys are very important specially if you’re working on a project or keys it is common to use right click ctrl keys and strokes for the shortcut.  I got an error about my Windows7 OS because I know that when I right  click my mouse on the desktop and look for New > A new folder option should show up. I admit it don’t have a security software installed on my system and It could be that my system is infected. Trying to do everything on how to create a new folder on Windows

July 1, 2013

Netcomm Wireless N600 Dual Band WiFi Screenshot

My recent post show some tools and screenshot of modems like NetGear DGN 3700  today I have this specific modem a Netcomm Wireless N600 basic screenshot. It is a basic tool for a helpdesk or technical support to have a guide when talking to a caller but not all modems has a tools or emulator and right now I will post the basic screen shot for the Netcomm Wireless.  Getting into the modem pageneed the default gateway and checking the gateway is on this post. Login post is log in to the page requires username and password