July 20, 2013

SM Malls Limit the Wifi Usage to 1 hour

sm wifi limit 1 hour
Okay, I don’t know if it’s a good news or bad news but let’s break down why. SM malls like any other malls offer a free Wifi service and jus recently I was hanging out waiting for a friend at SM megamall I try to connect to Free Wifi service when I got a message time remaining pop up. It’s like a counter of your Internet Usage. I raised my eyebrows to think the hell this is only time that I will try again the SM wifi connection since most of the time I cannot connect and today is

the perfect day since is just 10am in the morning and connecting is not difficult. I think SM is putting a cap usage or something but before we complain let’s look at the other side. Free wifi service means more people are going to the Mall more people means business but if you stay at the mall whole day doing Facebook, Youtube and other social website I think they should put a hold on it. As is said connecting to SM wifi is easy if your early just like the phrase early “bird catches the worm” and I think putting a limit will give chance to other beside unlimited data by network providers are being offered free unlimited SM unlimited free wifi are over. 1 hour limit is couting

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