January 19, 2014

Hard reset on Iview 754 TPC Tablet

Iview 754 TPC Tablet
I’m dealing with this tablet an Iview 754TPC got this as a birthday present and unfortunately since I’m not using the tablet most of the time I forgot the password. Multiple incorrect tries will result to the very famous Android message “Too Many Pattern Attempts” and asking for the Gmail account. Online tutorials and how to are everywhere but  none works for me. Before we proceed let’s first take a look at the Iview 754TPC

Specification of IView 754TPC

7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen 800 x 480 Resolution
CPU Cortex A8 1.2 Ghz GPU Mali 400 OS Android 4.0
Shared Memory 512MB DDR3 Storage 4GB Flash (Maximum 32GB)

Support 1080P HD Video

Battery Built in 2800mAh/3.7V
Looking up to Google and there are a lot of suggestion on how to solve Too Many Pattern Attempts some need a computer to reboot it or restore to factory/hard reset others just use the key combination but the problem is the boot recovery screen shows  Chinese character. Good for you if you do understand the character.  Let’s take a look on the 754 TPC Tablet recovery screen instruction with picture.
1. Power off the tablet
2. AT THE SAME TIME - Hold the Back Key button (one with the arrow make to press the button close to the power not in the middle) and the POWER BUTTON. – be patient this make take a while
3. When the android appears let go of only the POWER BUTTON
4. A screen should appear with multiple options in Chinese. Press number 2
iview hard reset step 1
*If this doesn’t work press the back key one time and try again.
5. A screen appears with four boxes at the top and two at the bottom
iview hard reset step 2
     Focusing on the top four boxes press the FIRST BOX ON THE SECOND ROW ( bottom left box)
6. Then press the GREEN Chinese character at the bottom of the page
iview hard reset step 3

7. A screen appears with four boxes at the top and two at the bottom
a. Focusing on the top boxes press the SECOND BOX ON THE SECOND ROW ( bottom right box)
iview hard reset step 4
8. The tablet should turn off
9. Wait a couple of minutes before turning the tablet back on.
Just follow the 9 simple steps to reset your iview tab to factory default. Feel free  to comment back.


  1. though i select the option number 2 it wont work, it wont turn to the next step... please help me...

    1. try it again if you want you can leave the tablet off for an hour then try the 2 step.It make take a while before you can get it.. Its really hard to get the screen.

  2. Hey it worked for me...........thank you soooooooooooooo much

  3. i press the second option but it gaves me other options about 8 options, i couldn't reach process number 7

  4. Thanks, it works now.

  5. everytime i do the step 5 it goes back into step 4. HELP PLEASE!