June 30, 2013

Play YouTube Video on VLC

VLC and Youtube
One of the main reason why I try to play video on VLC player is because every time a play a YouTube video my browser crash. I have Google Chrome on my computer and adobe flash player installed and updated but when I play some video browser crash and will not respond.  I look for an alternative program to play a YouTube video and I got a VLC player installed on my system its pretty simple playing video all you need to do Is copy the URL of the video and paste it on VLC. Here’s the how.  Look 

June 29, 2013

Make way to Cherry Mobile Fusion Wave

Cherry Mobile Fusion Wave
If you want a tablet from Cherry Mobile Fusion Wave is the latest from CM. Lets break down the specification. 1.4 GHz Quad Core Samsung Exynos 4412 Processor, Cortex A9 well aside from a Quad Core processor it’s a Samsung Exynos if you’re not familiar with this processor it’s the same processor that was utilized on Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note 10.1 and other Samsung and Android devices.

8-inch wide display almost the size of a standard note book computer good for watching video and playing gamed. Bluetooth connectivity for sharing

June 28, 2013

Block Websites without a Software

block a website
It’s an old trick that I’m using if I want to block a website I manage a computer shop before and most of the time there are restricted website that I want to block.  It’s also one of the troubleshooting tools that I'm using when It comes to selective browsing here’s the trick.
 1 Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
 2 Find the file named "HOSTS"
 3 Open it in notepad
 4 Under " localhost" Add

June 26, 2013

Setting Up Cd-R King 3G Portable Wireless Router and Globe Tattoo stick

One of the affordable gadget store Is CDr-King It showcase cheap price gadgets like tab, cellphones , television and accessories. I’m looking for a affordable wireless router that would support my 3G wireless dongle and I have this CD-R King 3G Portable Wireless Router. The price is 990.00 very reasonable and it seems that the connection is stable it just depends on your location.

Here is the specification:

June 25, 2013

CompUSA Default Router Password

I’m not sure why did I received such a call about a certain modem/router and the brand is CompUSA. I sure that I’m supporting Australian people but no worries good thing I have my list and document about the modem and the other thing is that the caller is technical savvy he make my job easy. The modem router has only three model and the default username and password are like the branded modems in the market here is the reference.

June 24, 2013

Instagram update not for iOS 7

Warning the following post is based on my recent update of Instagram on my iOS7 iPhone. As soon as the latest update was released on Instagram I update my phone and to my surprise the application crashed and not stable I guess this is not for iOS7. The new update features about uploading a short video clip.  I bet Instagram should stay as picture sharing site.  The weird thing after the update is the shortcut icon is gone and I can open the application on App Store then it will crash. So, before updating you Instagram

June 23, 2013

iPhone Can’t Turn on Wifi

iphone button wifi button
My friend got his new iPhone and he is pretty much excited about the phone but when he turn the phone on and check the wifi settings the wifi on button is grayed out. He is upset since he might need to go back to the Apple and have it replace he even try to look online for solution but most of the suggestion is not working. I asked him to check the setting and try this simple step Try switching to airplane mode turn the device off and power back on and switch the

June 22, 2013

What’s with Cherry mobile Thunder 2.0

What’s with Thunder 2.0  a 5 inch HD IPS capacitive display and 1.2Ghz Quadcore Mediatek MT6589 Processor, Android latest operating system Jellybean 4.2 Dual Sim with Internal 512MB Ram 4GB Internal Memory and an expansion of 32GB MicroSD. Looks like Cherry Mobile are making an upgrade on their phone 5.0 Inch display for HD videos and a Quadcore for your multiple application open.  If you’re looking for affordable smart phone and want to experience

June 19, 2013

Ubuntu Kylin Linux open source

Reading one of my favorite news site and article about Ubuntu Kylin Linux Its about a new Kylin release Using Ubuntu. Its is an open source program and develop by National University of Defense Technology in the People's Republic of China. Kylin is intended to used by military and government organization. A New Kylin Release Using Ubuntu and was called “UbuntuKylin” the new Operating System will include language localization and basically Chinese input methods. It may also integrates popular website and services like Baidu and Taobao.
The release of this open source and integation of popular

June 18, 2013

Globe 4G LTE Signal Sites in Metro Manila

This is one of the common question if you want to get a plan from Globe. Is my area has LTE signal? The LTE or 4G long term evolution a standard high speed wireless communication. It was first released by TeliaSonera in Oslo and Stockholm on December 2009. The LTE is available in the country and Network provider like Globe and Smart has their  post-paid plan for Smartphone. The 4G signal is high speed that can provide you the best wireless internet signal. In Metro Manila and details from Globe website here is the latest development on LTE signals.

June 17, 2013

Sun Broadband A Tablet and Pocket Wifi for as low as 450 a month

The network that start the unlimited call and text Sun Cellular network and now has an offer a plan 450 a month with a Tablet and Pocket wifi. Get a Coby Kryos 8065  and a pocket wifi for just Plan 450. Here is the table from Sun Cellular.
Gadget Plan
Holding Period
Plan 450
35 hours
Coby Kyros 8065 and Pocket WiFi
30 mos
Plan 899
24 mos

June 16, 2013

Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 Will put fire on your Sky.

Skyfire 2.0
The latest phone release from Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0. It is loaded with Android Jelly Bean operating system. 1.2Ghz Snapdragon S4 Quad Core let you do a multitasking on your smartphone. Dual sim to let you have two network on your phone and 5” qHD scratch resistant screen to let you enjoy high quality display.  The Skywire has TFT capacitive, camera and data connectivity wifi, gprs edge, wap, mms and USB port. Memory 1GB Ram 4GB Internal storage and Micros SD up to 32GD. If you want to experience the Android

June 15, 2013

3COM Default Username and Password

A caller is trying to figure out what is his default username and password for his 3COM modem. Like other modem that are posted here on the blogsite. 2Wire, Buffalo and Xyzel I have a document for 3COM as well. The document is provided on us when we were on training being a helpdesk. Here’s some of the list for default usename and password..

June 14, 2013

Chatting in Line Application– Keeps you Online

The chat application evolve as new and one of the most popular apps in Anroid are out Line. There is PATH , WeChat and now Line from Line Corporation. The application hit a total of 726,185 rating as of posting. Description on this application is no limits as long as your connected online Call and Message is free. The application has a more than 170 million user and continues to grow every day.  Ranked as number 1 communication application by 47 countries. The chat or communition improves as you can send a sticker – A

June 12, 2013

Blue Screen of Death: BCCode:124

BSOD bccode 124
Playing one of my favorite game World of Warcraft DOTA error always comes up. I have two computer but only showing on this specific model EMX a55-gt and Processor a6-3670k with Radeon 6530D. Both computer loads fine and diagnostic test passed but when playing DOTA it will just stop and BSOD error BCCode:124 shows up. Troubleshooting the issue include swapping the hard drive and video card but did not help at all. I conclude that it could be with this