June 12, 2013

Blue Screen of Death: BCCode:124

BSOD bccode 124
Playing one of my favorite game World of Warcraft DOTA error always comes up. I have two computer but only showing on this specific model EMX a55-gt and Processor a6-3670k with Radeon 6530D. Both computer loads fine and diagnostic test passed but when playing DOTA it will just stop and BSOD error BCCode:124 shows up. Troubleshooting the issue include swapping the hard drive and video card but did not help at all. I conclude that it could be with this
specific model on the board although I haven’t check the BIOS and run some update because it just happens when playing a game. The issue right now is still unresolved as I will try a different Power Supply on the System. PSU will be the PSU on the other system.  The latest update on the system might take a while since I’m having issue with my Internet. If you have any Idea on how to resolved this feel free to post a comment. 

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