April 10, 2013

Default Username and Password for Zyxel Modem

Zyxel Default Username and Password
A caller today asked me how to set up his modem I reply with a very confident tone then suddenly he provide a brand that I'm not familiar. Zyxel Modem is the name and setting it up is a simple task but getting basic information like username and password is difficult. The basic steps are needed to access the modem interface and getting the default gateway is easy if the customer is using Windows OS. Just like the Buffalo modem  I found  a supporting document for Zyxel Modem. The modem uses different username and password combination

to access the page it depends on the Model number. Here are some default password for ZyXel Modem

Prestige n/a 1234  
Prestige root 1234  
Prestige (none) 1234
Prestige 643 (none) 1234  
Prestige 652HW-31 ADSL Router admin 1234 
Prestige 100IH n/a 1234  
ZyWall 2 n/a (none)  
P-330W_EE admin 1234 
P-2602HW-D1A blank 1234 

hope that this document would help you set up and get the right details of the log in. If all else fail try resetting the modem to factory defaults and use the password associated to the modem model.

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