March 21, 2013

Buffalo Modem Default Username and Password

Buffalo Modem Log In Username
I have a caller who is using a Buffalo Modem and since this is the first time I got this brand I don't have idea for the username and password. Most modem manufacturers include the default username and password on the modem it could be a label sticker, box or set up disc. The caller is using the Buffalo modem for ages and since it’s the second time that he call he don't know the default username and password. Trying the familiar password combination like admin , admin, admin password admin blank would not get access to the
modem . I try to do some research and found a document for Buffalo Modem settings. The documents contain list of username and password for other modem manufacturer.

Model Default Username Default Password 
Wireless Broadband Base Station-g WLA-G54 WBR-G54 root (none) 

WLAR-L11-L / WLAR-L11G-L root (none)  
WBR-G54 root blank 
WYR-G54 root blank 
WLAR-L11-L root blank  
WBMR-G54 admin admin  
BBR4MG root blank  
WBR-G54v2 admin admin  
WHR-HP-G54 root blank  
WZR-G300N root blank
WHR-G54S root blank  
WHR-G125 root blank 
WZR2-G300N root blank 

I hope that helps when you set up a Buffalo modem it requires different combination for each modem unlike Netcomm modem. If your having a difficulties getting the gateway check the post Common Modem Default gateway.

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