March 17, 2013

Emoticons are Dead Give Way to Stickers with Path 3.0

My cousin introduce me to an app on his iPhone called Path 3.0 “Bringing People Closer Together.” It’s a private messaging and social network application. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Ipad mini this app is the latest when it comes to chat getting a 4.5 star above average rating. Just like any other chat application, private conversation Path 3.0 can give details of your location a map will show on the chat your current location. Import your photos, statuses, and check-ins from Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare. The

app is a cool and new way to chat they got stickers that kills old emoticons. The shop is where you can get premium stickers or photo filters its adding fun and experience during your chat session. Let’s compare old style emoticon to Path 3.0 sticker.

Path 3.0 Stickeremoticons chat icon

Which design is better and more appealing? Emoticons that will give you interest and fun. I’m downloading the app and will try some stickers. I’ll also post it on my Facebook account for my friends to try this newly reinvented chat application. I’m sure my friend will love the cute stickers for chat and beside emoticons are already dead

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