March 16, 2013

Creating BlackBerry Logo on Corel Draw Tutorial

BlackBerry Logo Corel Tutorial
I’m looking for some unique and cool logo when I came across with BlackBerry. A handheld device and running in BlackBerry OS. The logo is very simple four black B in a black background brings life to the letter “BB”. BlackBerry is one of the four major brands when it comes to smartphones. (iPhone,Android and Windows Phone). Features like qwerty  and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the trademark of this phone. The Corel Draw tutorial will guide you on how to create the BlackBerry logo.

How To Create BlackBerry Logo in Corel Draw

Create a new Corel document

The original logo looks like a customize B but on this tutorial I select Harabara as the font

Create three more “B” to make a group. Please see image below. Make sure to italicize the font to have a slanting effect. Make sure that the “B’s” are close to each other.

If you put the group “B”’s on  a background it will just blend. Using the Smartfill fill the B’s color white.

Make some adjustment and color the background black. Now my BlackBerry logo is finish.

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