July 27, 2013

Sun Broadband Power Plans Data plan just right for You

Sun Power Plan
Sun Broadband has a new Power Plans as low as 250 per month you can get a 226 surfing hours and device choices. Here’s what’s the new offer from the world leader in unlimited service.  Two power plan option are available
Plan       Consumable Value          Additional Bonus Hours
Plan 250               P250                        10 hours
Plan 450               P450                      25 hours

The consumable plan can be converted to limited usage or have a 2.50/15 minutes. It a very affordable plan from Sun and device are listed below.
Device  One-Time Fee   Holding Period
SIM only              NA          3 mos
Modem               P888        3 mos
WiFi Stick           P1,500   6 mos

Pocket WiFi        P2,000   6 mos

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