July 25, 2013

Techmade Default Username and Password

techmade username

It’s not the first time that I post a router username and password and today I got another one the brand is Techmade TM-ART25GSU. Like other brand/model that I post I have the default username and password for the router and it is admin/admin. If you want to view the list of previous post about router and modem click on each name Comacast, Edimaxx, CompUSA, Sagem, 3COM, Draytek, 2wire. The document that i
have has a lot of information about diff type model and brand of modem and Techmade has only on model which is TM-ART2GSU. My blog will list commonly used modem and router that I'm dealing with hope this serve as a guide and help you on troubleshooting.

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