May 25, 2013

Sagem Modem Default Username and Password

Sagem Modem
Common post on this blog is getting the default username and password of the modem and today its about a certain modem a Sagem modem. Previous post include Buffalo Zyxel username and password and getting the default gateway is easy. If the computer is Windows go to CMD and type IPCONFIG and look for default gateway. The gateway is the address on the modem and typing it to the browser will show the log in page.

Here's some of SAGEM modem Default Username and Password

Model      Default Username      Default Password
fast 1400w    root     1234
FAST 1400    admin     epicrouter
F@st 1200 (Fast 1200)    root     1234
Livebox    admin     admin
Livebox-Fast-3202    admin     admin
Fast1500WG    NONE     blank
Fast3302    admin     admin
FAST-3001    blank     blank
LiveboxTP-Fast3202    admin     admin
Livebox-Fast3202    admin     admin
Livebox-7359    admin     admin
Fast2504    admin     sky
Fast-2404    admin     admin
2804STC    unknown     unknown

Its is a supporting document for common log in page and as soon I encounter a specific modem I'll post it here on my blog.

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