July 4, 2013

Edimaxx default Router Password

Another unknown router modem  on the list and its and Edimaxx. Setting up the modem is easy but certain requirement needs to have in order to log in save the setting and connect online and for edimaxx router here are the common username and password
AR7000    root     root
Wi-Fi_ADSL2+    admin     epicrouter
BR-6304K    admin     1234
EW-7209APG    blank     blank
AR-7084gA    admin     admin

BR-6504N    admin     1234
BR-6214K    admin     1234
BR-6104Kv2    unknown     unknown
BR-6204WLg    admin     1234
The document above is based on the training document that I got. I received or got different brand of modems and like Buffalo Modem username and password, Zyxel Modem, CompUsa. If all else fails and still not getting the modem page resetting it to factory default might resolve the issue. Warning; setting it to default will wipe or delete the username and password, SSID and network password make sure that log in information is known before resetting it.

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