May 19, 2013

Draytek Vigor3300 series Default Username and Password

A caller is asking what is the default password of his modem. It is a brand new modem and configuring it is very easy although the caller is not that tech savvy he can follow instruction and now basic troubleshooting when it comes to logging in to the modem page. He is on the page but the page is asking for username and password which is common to most mode/router manufacturer. Draytek is not a common modem that I set up but good thing I have my training materials and tools and was able to figure out the username and
password here’s the list.
Model   Default Username           Default Password
Vigor all                admin   admin
Vigor 2600           admin   (none)
Vigor 2900+        admin   admin
Vigor3300 series               draytek                1234
Vigor2200E          blank     blank
Vigor2500            blank     blank
Vigor2600WE     blank     blank
Vigor2500V         admin   blank
Vigor-2800G       admin   admin
Vigor-2700V       admin   admin
Vigor2910            unknown             unknown
Vigor2930            unknown             unknown
That’s the latest list on my tools if you have any other model number feel free to post a comment below.


  1. am setting up 3300 and I get error message that old password is incorrect, have tried blank and pw on bottom of modem

  2. have you reset the modem to factory default?