May 18, 2013

Google Fiber 100 Times Faster Than Your Broadband Speed

Google Fiber
Are you contented with your broadband speed? Like your just an average Internet user browse Facebook, watch movie online and download something but Imagine if you can get 100 times faster on your current average connection and its all possible with  Google Fiber. It  offer an Internet connection speed 100 times faster. It all started in Kansas City and called gigabit connection it will revolutionize the web experience for chatting, streaming and video conference. It you’re going to check Pricing an Plans are posted Gigabit + TV is $120/month Gigabit Internet
$70/month. It’s up to one gigabit upload and download speed a full channel line up 2 year contract no data caps including Nexus 7 tablet, TV box, storage Box, Network box, 1TB Google Drive. Looks like Google are not only dominating the search engine but the Internet Service as well. Let’s see what will happen as the Google Fiber continues to expand on different cities.

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